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From Dalgona coffee to working from home and craving the touch of loved ones due to social distancing, we all have come so far, we all are in this separately, but we will get through it together. Get the latest update related to Covid-19 'Mentally Positive' news.


From lip smacking Rogan-Josh to delicious Appam we have covered it all for you, explore our food section to know more about India's undying food journey. Make your tastebuds want more!


Entertainment is something that gives pleasure, or distracts a person from daily life, like a sport or game that excites people and keeps their attention.

Amazing Places, Wanderer


Welcome to the world of Technology! After Food, Clothes & Shelter; Technology has become the 4th important necessity of humans. Let it be ordering food & medicines with just a click or be the mobile controlled homes & cars; technology has left no part untouched from our life. Click below to know all the latest updates about Technology.

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