Do’s and Dont’s Every Women Must Know while Wearing High Heels

Women’s obsession with looking voguish and posh has brought up a tremendous change in style. Whether we talk about clothing or footwear, women have nailed in every bracket to explore fashion, leaving out their comfort zone. 

In this blog, we will list one such fashion swap every lady is crazy for, i.e., high heels. 

Though many are still stuck to their comfy shoes, high heels have somehow managed to be on the trending fashion list. 

Still, many are bothered about feet in high heels or how to walk properly in heels and, significantly, foot damage from high heels. We are here with all the answers to your questions but initially, let’s see how social media relates to fashion? 


1) Fashion and Social Media 

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Social media are flooded with fashion and lifestyle trends that never fails to influence us. Walking along with the trend and bringing out changes in our appearance is what this world expects from us. And if we don’t do so, we don’t belong to this hypothetical world. So no matter what it feels like or how much it hurts you, you have to follow up on everything you see on social media. 

Here, we are going to discuss a fashion trend that has taken over the minds. People usually say that your feet are the first thing noticed by others either consciously or subconsciously. So, it would be best if you focused on your foot and footwear primarily. 

We watch different models wearing those extreme high heels on social media, but have we ever thought of the struggle behind it? I don’t think so because we face it when we wear them. But models carry them so well; why aren’t we? Because they follow do’s and dont’s while wearing high heels, and we don’t. 

So to make it easy for you. Here is what you need to keep in your mind while walking in high heels. 

Let’s check them; 


2) Check it’s fitting

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Never buy ill-fitted shoes. Just because your favourite pair of heels for which you’ve waited so long are now available at the store but with one size less or more doesn’t allow you to be crucial with your feet. 

Also, measure your foot size regularly to avoid suffering. 


3) High heels insoles

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These little types of socks are made of silicone or fabric and are specially designed for insoles. This method will help your feet from moving forward and prevent you from blister and pain.


4) Don’t take off your heels

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You believe it or not, but taking off your hero’s while sitting or resting will leave you with more pain when you wear it again. Our feet are shaped for a long time in high heels, and as soon we’ll take them off, our feet tend to swell up and wearing them again will hurt us even more.


5) Keep Walking

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Standing in high heels at a place for a long time can damage your foot. So try to walk after every 2 or 3 minutes to avoid pain. After that, you can sit and take a rest but remember don’t take off your shoes. 


6) Hydrating creams are necessary. 


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Many times, new heels are right and may cause blisters. But you can save your feet by applying hydrating creams. The hydrating creams help treat pain, blisters and save your feet from rubbing. 


7) Baby powders

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High heels cause excessive sweating on leads to slipping; baby powder comes to the rescue. Apply baby powder before wearing high heels that can stop the sweat to an extent and protects your feet from chafing or any other injuries. 


8) Folding heels


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Haven’t you expected to walk a long distance in heels? But situations can get worse anytime. So what to do during an emergency? First, go for the foldable flats that you can carry with you for an emergency need. You may need it anywhere, and it can help you to save from severe pain. 


Women in high heels look pretty but being a man; it could be difficult to understand what women go through to look attractive. And to all the girls out there, don’t think being fashionable or wearing high heels are bad for you. You just need to bake yourself in the moulds of fashion and trends. Remember, baking often leads to burning and to save yourself from burning, overcoat yourself with butter (information). 


Also, we would love to know how well you went with your first-ever high heels? 





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