A widow from Himachal Pradesh has become an inspiration for 16,000 women

Nirmala Chandel, a widow from Himachal Pradesh, is helping more than 16,000 women to make them earn and live independently by providing them work through Ekal Nari Shakti Sangathan, which is working for the upliftment of women who are in need.   

Nirmala got widowed at the age of 23 and was insulted by her family. The initial days after her husband’s demise was thorny, where she was called by various offensive names, and later, she got restricted from attending family gatherings and occasions. The moment helped her to think about herself, and she decided to join the SUTRA as an accountant, an NGO that works for women. And from here, she started Ekal Nari Shakti Sangathan, where she worked for single, widowed, and women abandoned by their families. And through this act, women are now earning up to RS 35,000.   

The iconic throw of Neeraj created history, won Gold for India.

Neeraj Chopra, an Indian javelin thrower, created history on 7th August and became pride for the nation by winning the gold medal for India at the Tokyo Olympics, 2021. He became the first to win the gold medal in the track-and-field event and the second individual Indian athlete. He began with an 87.03m throw for qualification, and his last attempt made the best of all with 87.58m, which made him win the gold medal.
The Prime minister of India, along with PT Usha and others, congratulated him and wished him for his future endeavors.

We are proud of you! Hip Hip Hurray!

Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award renamed after Dhyan Chand on 6th August 2021

PM Narendra Modi renamed India’s highest honourable sports award, “Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award”, after the hockey hero and legend of the sport, Major Dhyan Chand, on 6th August. The citizens themselves have requested the decision of renaming the award, says PM Modi. The award will be now called “The Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award.” The change occurred after viewing the exceptional performance of the Indian Women’s and Men’s Hockey team at the Tokyo Olympics,2021.

World Record holder Mirabai Chanu won the first Silver medal in 49kg weightlifting for India.

Saikhom Mirabai Chanu bagged a silver medal for India in the women’s 49kg weightlifting category at Tokyo Olympics 2021. In 2018, she lifted 196kg, 86kg in snatch and 110 kg in clean and jerk to win the Gold medal for India in the Commonwealth Games 2018. She also broke the record for the weight category. 

Chanu has won World Championships and was also awarded the Padma Shri by the Government of India.


Twitter helped in generating several lacks for Pattachitra Artists.

A 43-year-old, Bipin Das, from a small village near Raghurajpur, Odisha, is an artist, and he spent his time preserving the art of Pattachitra. But pandemic has threatened him to destroy his determination. 

His community was facing problems due to weather conditions and pandemics. With the help of Karnataka -Cadre IFS officer Dipika Bajpai, Bipin took his problem to social media and asked for the solution. IFS officer started posting pictures of the art, and soon orders were placed. Bipin connected with 35 artisans families to increase his revenue and solve the financial crisis of his community. He started earning up to lacks from Rs 1500.

News Source: thebetterindia


Bengaluru women quit the job to help 200 women from 40 villages.

A 37-year-old Pratibha Krishnaiah from Bengaluru has quit her job and moved to Uttarakhand to transform the remote mountain village through her NGO, Himalayan blooms. 

Pratibha was in a corporate job in Bengaluru and earned a handsome salary. But she wanted to take a break and encourage the women from a rural area. However, she decided to quit her job and signed up for the State Bank of India’s Youth for India Fellowship in 2014. Through this program, she was able to provide labour to more than 290 women from 40 villages. The tasks included woolen socks, sweaters, scarves and other items. Pratibha is now earning lakhs through her NGO, Himalayan blooms.

Now, this is what we call OH MY INDIANS!

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A famous YouTuber Prajakta Koli won Daytime Emmy Award for her documentary “Creators for Change”

The Creators for Change YouTube Original Documentary that shows Michelle Obama, in conversation with actress and influencer Prajakta Koli, Liza Koshy, and Thembe Mahlaba, has been nominated for the 48th annual Daytime Emmy Awards. The documentary has been nominated under the category of Outstanding Daytime Non-Fiction Special. The special award ceremony will be stream on 25th June 2021.




Dr. Priyadarshini of Pune, with the help of a researched project, turned Agri waste into bio-char fuel and also invented a stove that cooks a rice-based meal for a family only by using just 100 grams of bio-char in Pune. She developed this innovation to give the poor people an advantage in reducing gas expenses and controlling global warming. The process includes biomass gasification with a controlled air supply that allows volatile gas to burn off, leaving behind neat pure carbon — bio-char.

This is our India, “The Innovative India.”

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A wireless charging Bike Developed by the students of KL University , Hyderabad

A team of six students and other university alumni members together formed a unique electric bike with wireless charging. The students belonged to the 3rd and 4th year of the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of Kl College of Engineering and other university alumni. The e-bike allows people to travel up to 55kmph, the charging capacity covers up to 85 to 100 km in standard conditions. The single recharge only takes up to 5 hours. The bike was fully developed on 22nd June 2021. The students could achieve this success with the help of access to the labs and testing facilities provided by the University. The university also provides INR 1.40 lakhs, to make this plan a success and use it as a startup.

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A 21-yr-old from Andhra Pradesh designs a biodegradable face shield for just Rs 15

Pabolu Mohan Aditya, a resident of Guntur, Andhra Pradesh has created a unique face shield that is cheap and environment friendly. He tested the prototype on his family and friends and when the product got approved he distributed it to the front liners. For your perusal, the product is reusable and biodegradable and just for Rs 15. 

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Arvind Kumar, a Postgraduate student of Public Policy at King’s College London came back home due to campus shutdowns. He and other young students, including some professionals, started the Cycle Soldiers at Kolkata. They supply essentials to people at their houses by riding on their cycle, especially to old age people who are home-bound in this covid situation.He realized the importance of a helping hand in everyone’s life when he saw his grandmother asking someone to bring her essentials, as she too is an elderly person who was home-bound.

News Source: TOI

Two 21-Year-Old Sarpanches of Solapur District Made Village Covid Free

Komal Karpe the sarpanch of Village Antroli, Maharashtra, brought the village out of the grip of Covid 19. During the first wave of covid, 2,200 odd villagers were kept safe. To ensure testing and tracking during the second wave, a group was made with the help of local police officers and angadwadi Sevikas. Shops were kept closed, outside vendors were not allowed and Janta Curfew was imposed twice in the village. The village which had 80 cases and 15 deaths during the second wave of the corona, doesn’t have any cases for four weeks now. Later, outsiders who came to the village were kept quarantined for three days and people who went out for work were tested every 3 days with antigen kits. 

Today the village is completely covid free, with 0 number of covid cases.

News Source: TOI

First Oxygen express run by two women pilots

The Indian Railways’ first Oxygen Express train piloted by two female pilots reached Bengaluru on Friday evening carrying 120 tonnes of medical oxygen from Jamshedpur. They covered the last 120 km stretch in one-and-a-half hours, clocking an average speed of 80 kmph. It had six tankers of medical liquid oxygen and was the 7th oxygen express to Karnataka. 

Proud moment for women’s of India!

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Transgender model from Kerala to represent India globally

Miss Trans Global India winner 2021, Surthy Sithara, all set to represent India at global level she will be representing the country at Ms Trans Global Pageant in London on June 12, 2021. Considering the current pandemic situation the event is going to be held virtually. 

Best wishes to Surthy Sithara. Go rock it!

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Ever imagined a drone plucking the coconuts from a coconut tree?

Never, right? But it will! Soon, people of Goa don’t have to wait for coconut pluckers to visit their homes and don’t have to manually harvest the coconut. It will do the task at a reasonable price, reducing the risk of human climbers. It is conceptualised by the experts at the Old Goa-based ICAR-CCARI and the Goa University. The drone will fly at the top of the tree and get attached to the trunk with it’s grabbing arms. Its ‘cutting arm’ then opens up to cut the desired bunch of coconuts which can be chosen through a live video displayed on the screen of the remote-controlled module. 

Welcome to the land of inventions!

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The highest village of Spiti, Himachal Pradesh achieved 100% covid vaccination.

Komik, the highest village at 15,050 ft, has achieved 100% covid19 vaccination; people aged 60+ and 45+ got two doses of vaccination and people belonging to age group 18-44 got their first dose of Covishield. Being under snow cover for 6 months and with no availability of internet connection, the slots were getting booked with the help of a lottery. 

A proud moment for all Indians!

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A Kochi woman becomes a life saviour for Covid patients

The 42 years old lady Sunitha R from Kochi decided to turn her auto-rickshaw into an ambulance to treat Covid patients. The auto-rickshaw ambulance will have a medical oxygen facility and urgent medical care equipment with drivers in PPE kits. 

Another proud moment for the women’s of India!

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A 25-year-old youth from Vishakhapatnam conquers Mount Everest

A youth from Vishakhapatnam ( Vizag ) reached the peak of the world’s highest mountain at 5 am on June 1st. Amish Varma Bhupati Raju (25 years ) is now aiming to set and scale new peaks. He is the only mountaineer from South India who climbed the summit this season.

Proud moment for men’s of India!

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I want to become ‘The Shakespeare’: Says a tea seller

Laxman Rao, a 68-year-old man who sells tea on the street of ITO, Delhi wants to become ‘Shakespeare’, said him in an interview. All through his way, he has written 25 books and now is aspiring to publish them in different languages. He has up until now sold 30,000 copies of his book by himself carrying it on cycle. Also, he completed his graduation at age of 50 and post-graduation at the age of 63.

Isn’t he an inspiration in himself?

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Ever thought of having healthy and edible cutlery?

No, right? But now you can. 

Hyderabad, India: Narayan Peesapatty, founded Bakey food Pvt ltd in 2011, which produces edible cutlery. Every year in India 120 billion plastic cutlery is discarded, which gave Mr Narayan Peesapaty an idea to produce edible and healthy cutlery.  These spoons are made up of Millets(Jawar) mixed with Rice and Wheat. You can eat it or discard it, these spoons take 4 days to decompose once discarded and their shelf life is more than 3 years. Till 2016, 1.5 million units of cutlery have been sold. 

Different Flavours- Sugar, Ginger-cinnamon, Ginger-garlic, Celery-black pepper-cumin, Mint-ginger, carrot-beetroot. 

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