Things You Must Do Before Boarding A Domestic or International Plane

Are you excited about your first flight and, besides, worried about the things to do on a plane? It can be a stressful event for the first-timers to travel by plane because they come across many questions related to boarding a plane like things to do on a long flight, tips for travelling by air and significantly, how to prepare for the flight and book tickets. 

Don’t worry!! We’ve your back. This blog will provide you with every solution you were looking for. Let’s begin with the tips for flying. 


1) Booking tickets

The primary thing to get on a plane is to book your tickets. Though it doesn’t contain any rocket science studies, it can be a difficult task for some. But as we said, we have your solutions. Through this blog, we assure you that you will be a pro in booking your tickets. You have to search for an authentic website that helps you in every process and offers you the ticket according to your preference. As you get your hands on the best and cheapest ticket, you can book your flight.


2) Packing

What after booking? Carrying the necessary stuff with you while travelling. But it doesn’t mean to carry your entire house in the name of necessity. Go for the right and light proportion. First of all, check how much weight your airline allows you to carry without charging extra. And then pack your bags accordingly with the utmost things you require during your trip. All airlines have different rules for domestic and international routes, so try and stay within the maximum allowance. You can even check the airline website to know what can be carried in your hand baggage for ease. This way, you can avoid paying extra for the heavy baggage. 


3) Be on time

The most crucial tip for air travel is to reach early at the airport to avoid last-minute chaos. Reach 1 hour in advance for a domestic flight and 3 hours in advance for an international flight. No worries if you reach early as the airports are now an exciting place to shop and do other activities. So you eventually get time to explore the airport. 


4) At the Airport 

If you are travelling for the first time, then the airports can be confusing for you. And to delete the confusion, we are going to help you through some guidelines;

  • Keep your tickets handy, or it’s better if you have your e-tickets.
  • Keep your documents ready and head towards your airline section. Get your baggage scanned and head towards the check-in counter to collect your boarding pass. It’s better if you’ve checked in through your smartphone. 
  • Weigh your baggage on the counter, get it tagged and sent off to the plane. You can carry your hand baggage with you. 
  • Move to your terminal and go through the security check. 
  • Once you are done with the checking, you are not all set to board. 
  • Pay attention to the announcements made related to your flight. Check your phone and e-mail for the announcements if you are at a silent airport or keep your eyes on the display. 


On the plane 

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After boarding, the first thing you do is to head towards your allotted seat and place your hand baggage in the overhead bin close to your seat. After you settle in, put on your seat belt and follow the instructions. Turn your phones off and enjoy the flight. 


Things To Carry On Plane During Covid- 19

Image Credits- bloomberg

We all know how dangerous it can be to travel during a pandemic, but emergencies can get anywhere at any time. Now you must be thinking, “What do I need to get on a plane”? Specifically, at this covid time. 

So your RT-PCR, which is a covid test, should be done and carry your reports with you. Be alert of what’s going on in the entire country and carry your recent reports of the covid test along with a sanitiser, mask and face shield. 

After all, it’s about you and everyone’s safety. 

These were few steps that you may need while travelling by air for the first time. Adopt this process, and yes, you are already a master.


By the way, do let us know about your first experience of flying and how you managed to keep yourself calm. 





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