An Ultimate Guide to Pair your Floral Shirt

Any individual needs to pick their outfits cautiously because those outfits are simply one more method of displaying our personalities. While picking an outfit, we should remember that it portrays our characters but should also make us feel confident and comfortable in whatever we are wearing.

Following the latest trend, you all must have bought many floral shirt patterns for yourself and cluttered your wardrobe but failed to decide how to wear floral tops or how to create an amazing floral shirt outfit.

Floral textures are an iconic part of style with bold shadings and patterns everywhere in the world.



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The greatest mix-up we do while looking for floral shirts is, we don’t pick the right floral shirts for ourselves. That, later on, looks terrible on us and makes us feel we can’t carry a floral shirt/top. You can create your floral menswear by keeping some of these steps in mind. 

  • Picking the correct shade: Choosing the correct colour shirt can lift your floral shirts outfit more than it regularly does and also enhances your features. Do a little report on shading theory, which colour conflicts with one another and which ones complement one another. It frequently may happen that your favourite colour may not suit you and that is fine, make a shading profile of yours and pick the best men floral shirt.
  •  Floral shirt pattern: Be sure while picking a floral shirt design. Pick such a pattern that will enhance your body structure. Healthy men can refrain from picking large or loud floral patterns as it can make them look bigger. They should stick to more subtle pattern alternatives. While slimmer men can try different style designs yet make sure to stick to the size that fits and flaunt your best floral shirt.
  • Choose the right size:  Even in the wake of picking the correct colour and pattern, there is something that can destroy your outfit. Yes, you are correct; I am discussing the size of a shirt. It is something that ought to have been simple however it isn’t and picking some wrong size can destroy your whole outfit. So the most ideal way to pick the correct size is to see its shoulder seams. If the seams arrive at the starting point of your arm that implies it’s the correct size for you anything below or higher than this point is the wrong size for you.



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Gone are the days where wearing floral prints were entitled to females. Today every other man rocks new and dynamic floral prints and looks smart and stylish while wearing them.

The thought that strikes a chord frequently while styling a floral shirt is HOW TO WEAR A FLORAL SHIRT? WILL THIS MAKE US LOOK STUPID?

Indeed, there is no uncertainty that floral print is a restless pattern and ought to be styled with caution especially with men’s floral shirt.

Here are a few tips that will assist you with rocking your best men’s floral outfit.



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1. Style it with casual clothes: Never! EVER! Wear two distinctive floral designs together. This makes you seem as though an individual with zero fashion sense, who some way or another have thrown two distinctive styling pieces on themselves and the outcome will make you look like a joker.  And of course, you don’t want that. Have a go at keeping the rest of your outfit plain while wearing a floral shirt. You can either match them with strong loud colors or neutral tones. This way the main focus stays around the floral shirt. To keep the look classy you can wear your best floral shirt with blue pants.

2. Dress likewise: Wearing floral prints throughout the summer and spring are the most ideal choices. You can wear men flowered shirts at gatherings, BBQs, beaches and musical festivals. You can opt for lively floral tones during the summer. During the cold-weather months, florals are worn less however you can in any case wear them. During this time go for dull darker tones, for instance, black, grey, navy tones. Layer it with a sweater with the collars over it and let the collars do everything.

3. Floral shirt with suit: If floral shirts picked accurately and combined with the correct outfit then they can be worn on formal occasions too. Wear a neutral light floral print shirt under a well-fitted suit, and if the event is an exceptional one, add a sprinkle of colour with a tie. The final result is a classy, unique floral shirt with a suit.

4. Do layer it up: Layering up your floral shirt can either make or break your look. To add a manly touch you can layer your floral shirt with a denim jacket or a fitted coat. An easy look to pull over while experimenting with floral patterns

5. Match the correct textures: As it is important to join floral and plain dresses, it is likewise essential to combine the correct textures, principally the fabrics should match one another, which will make the look mesmerising. For instance, denim works out positively with floral prints. In the event, if you want to make an all the more impressive look, you can wear a leather jacket with a floral shirt


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Men can also pair their floral shirts with a sleek wristwatch and leather buckled loafers for a formal look. If they want an informal look, they can exclude the loafers and glide on some fashionable gliders and a hat, you are good to attend any picnic. Also, don’t forget to carry your shades. 

Never wonder what people will say or the society think while you are dressing up or wearing your ‘guys floral shirt. Always dress according to your comfort and style. Something that makes you beautiful is your confidence and how well you carry your attire. So, no wonder who styles you or how you dress yourself up, if you are not confident enough in it, it will never look good.




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