Types of Denim that must be in your wardrobe ( Men and Women )

Numerous trends took over the world but what remained for a longer time and forever is only denim. Love for denim gas increased with the passing time. We all have at least a single denim outfit in our wardrobes, but denim is not about jeans; the category now is filled with varieties. We all think of jeans while talking about denim, but the evolution of denim has turned itself into various other fashionable outfits and flourished itself in the market.

This blog will make you know more about new style jeans for girls, denim jeans outfits for men, denim tops for girls, and the like. You will also know how you can style up your denim dresses with others to create fashionable attire out of them. 

Let’s get dressed in denim; 


For Men


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Basics at its best 


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We all agree with having different shades of jeans and try pairing them up with a particular shirt or T-shirt which compliments it but do you know about the basic denim jeans that you can mix and match with anything you have or want. Let’s elaborate on it. 

Classic dark blue jeans can always make up your day. People may find it boring, but it sparkles up your charm. 

How can you style it? 

You can go with any t-shirt for a casual look. You can put on a white shirt or any other color you wish, and you are good to go for the occasional purpose. For a formal look, you can carry your blazer and a pair of black formal shoes, and you are all set for a day. 

Trial for Trends


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Men usually find denim shirts girly and have second thoughts about it, but you could always go for a light blue or shaded denim shirt if you wish to be a trend follower or trendsetter. This looks quite happening on men and gives a fresh look. 

How can you style it? 

There are various shades of denim shirts for men, but shaded shirts are what should take some space in your wardrobe. You can wear black or white jeans along with them and matching sports shoes are perfect to go with them. 

Jack and Jacket


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Generally, jackets are meant to be worn during winters, but a denim jacket gives you exposure to wear jackets even during summers. Making you feel stylish and protecting you from the cold breeze, denim jackets know how to satisfy their lover. 

How can you style it? 

It’s damn easy to carry up a denim jacket. You can wear it over any basic t-shirt and jeans, or you can specifically wear black jeans and a white t-shirt with a denim jacket to achieve a more edgy look.

Shot for Shorts


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We can’t deny the fact of how men and their love for parties and hanging out are made for each other. They love to go for long tours with their friends but is it comfortable to wear jeans during a trip? Not always. Shorts are your solution. Denim has made several changes in their category and turned boring jeans into the latest jeans fashion. 

How can you style it?

You can not go wrong with styling out your denim shorts. It hardly demands to carry up an outfit with confidence. A loose t-shirt or half sleeves shirt and denim shorts are soulmates to each other. A pair of sports shoes is what makes you look complete. 


For Women



Let your skirts flirt


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Every lady on this planet desires to match her wardrobe with her favorite actress and confused. Here we got you your go-to style. A long denim skirt is what you need to complete your closet. It gives you a sleek and confident appearance.

How can you style it? 

A fitted, horizontal lined t-shirt matches perfectly with a denim skirt. You have to be very particular about what you are pairing up with your denim skirt. A good top can make you look top-notch. A single mistake in customizing your outfit can ruin your look.


Shake hands with Boyfriend denim


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High waist, skinny fit jeans are what every girl thinks of while selecting a good pair of jeans. We cannot neglect the varieties available in the market. Out of a vast variety of types of jeans for a girl, boyfriend jeans are something that can make you look rich and fashionable. 

How can you style it? 

The boyfriend jeans are loose and hug you nicely from the waist. Generally, crop tops go well with these jeans but achieve a more clean and pretty look; you can even go opting for a folded sleeves shirt and put on a chain or a bracelet and end it up by wearing boots. 


Denim dress can never be a mess


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No one wants to look older than their actual age, and this is what denim dress promises you. Wearing a denim dress can automatically make you look younger and fresh. Whether going for a denim middy or dungarees, they never compromise with the comfort they provide you. If you are fond of creating a funky look out of your outfit, you can select these as your next shopping item. 

How can you style it? 

You can wear your denim dress as it is because it’s way more stylish in itself, but if you want to play with your dress, then you can put on a matching belt over your waist to enhance your outfit and make it look more voguish.


Pop with your Top


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We all know that there are denim shirts available in the market for men and women, but women have one more advantage of having denim tops as an option. However, denim tops are not as trendy as denim shirts. It holds an important reason to be on this list of must-have denim in your wardrobe. 

How can you style it? 

There is a huge diversity in types of tops for women. Denim serves its material for very lesser of the types. Peplum denim tops are something you would love to add to your wardrobe. Black skinny-fit jeans can go well with your top and make your look complete with basic white shoes. 

Denim is something you could always find on-trend. It has a solution for you when you get confused with your outfits. A classy, elegant material has the potential to do miracles with your demeanor. These were few things that you should own and make a part of your closet.

If you think you have something less from the list, go shopping without thinking for a second minute. 


Let us know in the comment section below, how you love to style your denims?




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