Must have jackets in the wardrobe of Men and Women 

We often tend to repeat our jackets, assuming that it hardly matters to get warmed by a similar kind of jacket over and over again. But jackets are an essential part of our wardrobe that intensifies our look in just a finger snap. 

But what are the different types of jackets for women and men? How to choose the best amongst the various types of jacket names? What is the different women’s jacket style? And also types of coats for men?

This blog will answer all your questions and give you a boom for styling yourself in different types of jackets. 

Let’s go through it; 

For Men

And the list for men’s jacket goes like;

1) Bomber Jacket


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As reading out the names, this is a different type of jacket for men. These jackets are also known as flight jackets because they are originated from the US Airforce, where the crew members wore them.
The bomber jackets are short, and front zipped and gave a sleek look from the waist as it has elasticity near the waist and cuff. The traditional material for this jacket is leather, but you could find it in nylon or other.

2) Overcoat



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Overcoats are quite similar to casual, simple coats but are slightly different from other coats. These have different styles and designs in their category. Overcoats are long, warm, and often worn over indoor clothing. These are perfect for your chilly winter nights, even if you live somewhere like Alaska, where it’s too cold to work or to go out. Carry this, and you are all set for the fire.

3) Shearling Jacket


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Are you afraid of looking ugly wearing jackets? We got something to help you. Shearling jackets are not just going to keep you warm but will also keep you in style. These jackets have either synthetic or real sheep’s wool to keep you cozy. Shearling jackets are traditionally found in a woolly material inside, but other options are available too, like leather and wool on the collars.

4) Trucker Jackets


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Are you looking out for a perfect weekend jacket? Well, you are going well till now. Trucker jackets are what you are looking for. These jackets have front buttons on behalf of the zips and are usually denim and available in other options.
These are short jackets with double pockets on the chest and now can be found in different shades such as blacks and browns.

5) Blazer


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Blazers are something you can wear casually or formally. You are not bounded to wear only pants with blazers. Pairing them with any jeans gives you a similar fresh and stylish look. Whether going out for a meeting or dinner date, a blazer puts the magic in your appearance.

For women

Here’s the list for women’s jacket;

1) Leather jackets


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Who doesn’t love to wear leather jackets? Almost every one of us has at least one leather jacket in our wardrobe. These are the type of jackets for women that every lady has a crush over. It gives an edgy look since it fits perfectly with any casual outfit.
You can pair it with any slim-fit jeans and a t-shirt with your boots on. Even men have these types of jackets under their category.

2) Quilted jackets


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Most people do not hesitate to try funky and vibrant colors. These quilted jackets are perfect for them as it comes in various colors. These are usually for outdoor purposes and fancy. Quilted jackets are made of double material cloth that makes them warmer and winter-friendly. It stands out differently in any other female jackets styles.

3) Drawstring jacket


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Perfect jacket for the rainy season. Drawstring jackets are made of material that protects you from getting drenched and provides you with warmness. These jackets have a belt around the waist to fit according to the body shape.
Don’t think too much; go and grab one if you don’t have this in your wardrobe.

4) Barbour


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One of the trendy jackets for women. These are classic and body-like jackets similar to leather and bomber.
But buying these jackets can be a bit complicated as buying one size large can look bulky on you, and one size smaller can be ill-fitted. So make sure you select your perfect size to get a curvy look.

5) Fur coats


Fur coats earlier were worn as a symbol of status. A long, furry, a thick coat adds elegance and classiness to your personality. Who wouldn’t like to create a posh look? Everyone would as these costs have built its standard high in the markets. People go for fur coats to achieve a rich and graceful look which eventually becomes a necessity in their wardrobe.

Unisex or Genderless jackets

1) Parka


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Parka is a kind of unisex jacket. Both men and women can wear it. It has come up to the trending list after celebrities wore these jackets to highlight that these can be genderless jackets.
These are longer ones and gives a distinguished look. These jackets have furry caps and come in denim as well. So don’t get confused by these types of jackets names as you must be having one in with you and if not, then go for it.

2) Track jackets 


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These are the everyday kind of jackets that comes with the tracksuit. People wear these jackets irrespective of the weather. Track jackets not only provides warmness in winters but protects from sun tanning in summer as well. You can even call it a two-in-one jacket for both men and women. 

There are a few more jackets and coats for men and women you could go for. These were jackets that everyone should try and make a part of our wardrobe. So, do check them out and get dressy like dressed this winter.

Let us know which jacket you already own. 




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