Do you know about India’s only indigenous aircraft carrier?

Indian Navy Ship “Vikrant” is India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier constructed by the Cochin Shipyard Limited. Also, this is the first aircraft that was built in India itself. The ship is so huge that it contains the capacity to carry 36 fighter planes. The vessel is a 37,500-tonne carrier and is the largest warship. 

Do you love spicy food or chillies?

If yes, you must have heard about the hottest chillies in the world, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) , from India. It is grown in the North-Eastern states of India and is 400 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.

Who all wanna try this?

Do you know about the Zero Waste Grocery Store in India?

Zero Waste Store is a grocery store that offers organic and eco-friendly products. The plan behind such a store is to prohibit plastic bags and provide a good-quality loose product. You can find these stores in Chennai, Kolencherry, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Goa, Delhi, Kolkata, Darjeeling, Dehradun, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Mumbai. Also, you can find these stores online. 

Let’s go shopping!!

Do you know about the floating library of India?

The Young Reader’s Boat Library is the only floating library in India that has 500 collections of books in 3 different languages- Hindi, English, and Bengali. The library is located in Hooghly River, Kolkata. The cost of adult tickets is Rs 100, and for children, it is Rs. 50. Also, the cost is less for the age group below 18 to encourage reading habits amongst them.

Book Lovers what are you waiting for let’s head there.


India has the highest cricket ground in the world. It is at an altitude of 2,444 meters. It is the Chail Cricket Ground in Chail, Himachal Pradesh. It is a part of the Chail Military School, built in 1893. It was developed by Maharaja Bhupinder Singh, who was the formerly princely state of Patiala. Since 2013, LSCA (Lahaul-Spiti Cricket Association) has been engaged in stadium-related work. 

Breathtaking India!

The Fact Of Lonar Lake in Maharashtra Will Shock You

The collision of a Meteor created the beautiful Lonar Lake in Maharashtra at the place. The lake is 52,000 years old. It is also known as Lonar Crater, located at Lonar in Buldhana District of Maharashtra, India. It is also one of the most famous ones for being the world’s most giant basaltic impact crater.


In the beautiful city of Srinagar, Kashmir has located a floating post office, on a vast houseboat, in Dal Lake. It was inaugurated back in 2011. This floating post office is not the only floating office in India but the entire world. This post office is used for posting letters, but every year, a considerable number of tourists come here to witness this unique post office. 

The stamps of this post office feature the image of Dal Lake as a tribute to nature work. On the post office premises, there is a philately museum, which has a vast collection of unique stamps. There is also a souvenir shop from where you can buy stamps, greeting cards, postcards. 

Do you know the hidden fact of Gol Gumbaz?

Gol Gumbaz is a monument in India and is Emperor Adil Shah’s tomb. It is the second-largest tomb globally, and most interestingly, the tomb has hollow walls known as a whispering gallery. No one has ever managed to find a way to those hollow walls, and therefore, its construction is still a mystery.

Isn’t it mysterious?


The glacial Roopkund Lake in the Himalayas at about 16,470 feet is famous for the human skeletons found in it and around the lake. It is believed the human’s skeletons in the lake are the remains of people from the 9th century, that might have perished in any hail storm. A patrolling British forest ranger discovered this lake in 1942.

Isn’t it mysterious?


Sabir Hussain Khan, ‘the blood man’ has successfully donated 174 pints of blood since 1980. “Blood is not something you can buy at the market”, says Sabir. The Blood Man Of India, Mr Sabir Hussai Khan is a 57-year-old male, who lives in Srinagar. His blood donation journey started back on 4th July 1980 when first donated his blood to a friend who was heavily injured during a football match. 

According to him, the first time he donated blood, he was afraid about his health, but luckily nothing happened to him and now it’s all normal for him and he has no plan to stop.

He provides blood to the hospitals four to five times a year. He is not only the highest blood contributor in Kashmir but all of India as well.

The Secret you need to know about Akshardham Temple

The majestic Akshardham Temple has its name in the Guinness book of India and has 10 gates that symbolize the 10 different directions according to the Vedic literature. These gates depict that goodness may enter from any direction.

Majestic, isn’t it?


Do you know who is the First lady truck driver of India?

Yogita Raghuvanshi, a qualified lawyer broke all the gender stereotypes by taking on the truck driver’s seat and has travelled to almost every corner of the country in the past 15 years.  

She’s truly an inspiration!


Wettest place on earth !

Mawsynram is a town in the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya state in northeastern India. Mawsynram receives the highest rainfall in India. Village has won the Guinness world record for wettest place on earth with about an average rainfall of 11,873 millimeters. 

Pro tip: Don’t forget your umbrella and raincoat!

Did you know ‘Shampoo’ was first invented in India?

Sake Dean Mahomed, a man from Patna evolved the traditional method of applying dried Indian gooseberries ( Amla ) and soapberries (Reetha) as a hair cleanser, a method still used by Indians even today. Later shampoo was introduced to Britain.

Here is another new invention of India!

Kumbh Mela is visible from space

The Kumbh Mela is an important festival and pilgrimage site, and the largest gathering on Earth. The Mela happens every year but the one with great significance takes place every four years and twelve-year interval. The number of people attending the festival is so large that the crowd is visible in satellite photos taken from space.

That’s Massive! Isn’t it?