Who Else Wants to Know the Secret of How to Impress a Boy

It is often believed that the guys are the one’s who always makes the first moves and impress the girl they like, which in most cases are true, but there are times when we girls too want to make a guy fall in love with us and hard to find the answer about how to impress a boy?

If you are someone who right now is dealing with the question about How do I impress a boy or ‘How to make a boy fall in love with you’ or ‘How to impress a boy in the first meeting for marriage’ then worry not, we here got you covered. 

The most common questions searched these days over the internet, especially by teenage girls, are ‘How do I impress a boy in chat’ because more than interacting with someone on the road or having physical interaction with them, we believe in the supremacy of the dating apps and more precisely online dating. 

So, if you want to impress your crush over texts, then remember the following few steps. 

Your query about how to impress a boy on message starts with you getting his number and if he has already provided you with that, then great, you are already in the game of impressing him. 


1) Keep your texts short: Who would like to read the long novel message? If you send him a detailed text message about how you are doing or how your day was, then ready to receive a ‘hmm’ or ‘ok’ from his side because possibilities are there, he will only read few lines of text and get bored. 

Please keep your messages short and funny to make an impression of you being busy, funny, and mysterious, making him want to know you more. After all, these are the things boys look for in their partners. 

2) Don’t be desperate: None of us like desperate people. So when a guy texts on, don’t be too needy and respond right away; make him wait for a while. This will make him think, you have a busy life, and he isn’t the only important thing in your life.  

Also, avoid being childish and use too many emojis. Use emojis to convey your texts to him but don’t end up decorating your texts with emojis.

3) Don’t chat for long: If you don’t have anything to say or experience, the chat will be boring, then stop talking immediately. If you send the last text and abort the conversation then it will make you look less desperate. 

4) Flirt with him: Most of the time, guys don’t understand a woman when it comes to feeling. You can ultimately be in love with him, and he won’t even know about it. So, to avoid only being in the friendzone, flirt with him while texting. Give him subtle compliments and be a little flirtatious, making him understand that you want more than just being friends. 

6) Talk about him: We are so engrossed about talking about ourselves that we tend to forget; even the person we like may also want to talk about themselves. Ask him questions about himself, that will make an impression of you wanting to know him and he will also get a chance to talk about himself. Please don’t keep asking continuous questions, ask one or two and try to build a conversation through his answers. 

If you like someone who is an introvert or shy, then these steps will help you outcome your friendzone and provide answers to your’ how to impress a shy guy.’

No matter how shy a guy is, he will be more open and accessible in texting rather than talking to you face to face. So, grab the advantage and go on to the mission to impress your guy.  

Now there are still people who believe in meeting, knowing each other, usually than just using social media to know someone and find answers to how to impress a guy. 


1) Personality: The main thing any guy notices in you when he meets you for the first time is your personality. Personality doesn’t mean you have to match the beauty standards of society. Just be yourself, look fresh, dress correctly, and mainly smell good; also, don’t forget your polite behavior while acting cool and harsh with people. That can be a real turn-off for anyone. 

2) Be confident: No matter what you say or do, don’t hesitate. Be confident in your own body and skin. If you are not comfortable talking about something, tell them; if you want to set boundaries, be open and tell them. Communicate while being confident. Boys love girls who know what they want and know how to present them confidently. If you pass in doing so, then congratulations, you have already made an impression. 

3) Be honest: Don’t fake yourself to match his expectations or match society’s norms, be you, be real. Why do you want to impress a guy by faking yourself and make him fall in love with a fake version of yourself that doesn’t exist?

4) Listen to him: Guys have this thinking that we girls don’t listen to their problems all we do is talk about ourselves. That isn’t true. So make him understand this, listen to him, don’t just listen to him to fake it or for the sake of listening. Listen to him because you want to and make him realize you are there for him through his good and bad days, this will make him like you a bit more than usual because we all need someone at the end of the day to listen to us ranting about our problems.  

5) Let him know you appreciate him: Most of the time, boys’ efforts go unappreciated. Subtly give him compliments, tell him you appreciate him for whatever he did for you or is doing for you. 

The best way to make him feel special is to tell him that they make you feel safe. Well, tell this only if they do so, or else avoid using it. 

Just in case if you are meeting a guy for the first time and shot your shoot on the very first day, then the best you can do is

Be polite
Keep a smile on your face
Be confident 
Listen to him 

Please don’t make it obvious that you want him ONLY.  (Making it evident that you only want him may make him want to take you for granted, and you wouldn’t like that. 
If you like someone and have a genuine feeling for them then they will understand it with time, but yes you have to do some efforts. Whether you are wondering about how to impress a boy or how to impress a boy in the first meeting for marriage, the answers to it are very simple, JUST BE YOU.





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