What is Black Fungus? Symptoms and Precautions You Need to Know

When the country is fighting with the second wave of the deadly pandemic, covid. A new fungal virus has been found amid the Covid situations. 

There have been cases in the country of fungus infection, which is equally deadly and can’t be neglected. The first fungus infection was found in Gujrat, known as a black fungus. 


The black fungus is also called mucormycosis. It is one of the rare diseases, caused due to exposure to mucor mould. It is commonly found in decaying fruits, vegetables, plants, soil and manure. 

It specifically affects the brain, lungs, and sinuses. It can be life-threatening to diabetic patients, cancer patients and to the ones who have AIDS and HIV.


The first case of black fungus was found in a 15-year-old boy in Gujrat. After recovering from corona he was later diagnosed with black fungus in April. 

It is seen that this black fungus is seen in patients who had Covid or are recovering from Covid. 

Symptoms of Black Fungus

1) Blockage of the nose and bloody or blackish nasal discharge. 

2) You will also feel pain on your cheekbone, one facial side or swelling. 

3) Loosening of teeth 

4) Blurry vision and pain 

5) Chest pain and breathing problems.

You may also feel pain around your nose and eyes, have a fever, headache and bloody vomits.

Precautions for black fungus 

  1. People who are diagnosed with diabetes or any other conditions that affect the immune system, should keep their sugar levels in check and avoid taking steroids without doctors consultation
  2. Along with following the Covid precautions, like wearing masks, washing hands often and maintaining social distance, one should also start wearing goggles and face shields. Other than that, consume healthy food and keep your immune system strong, exercise daily and keep yourself hydrated by drinking a lot of water.
  3. Avoid going to unhygienic and dusty areas. In case of handling the soil, moss and manure wear gloves. You can only save yourself by maintaining your hygiene
  4. It is also advised that patients who are suffering from Covid should take care of their nasal and oral hygiene, thus taking steam is suggested by adding some ayurvedic drops if possible. 


Even though these fungal infections are life-threatening and it is keeping people locked in their houses, if we take care of ourselves and our surroundings then we will be able to fight against it and soon things will get back to normal.





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