Best Places to Visit in June in India

If you ever have trouble answering the question, Where to go in June? Then the best place to go on vacation in June is indeed India. 

Throughout the timeframe, nobody anticipates the importance of being able to travel. Travelling takes you onto another journey of recently discovered worlds, you have never been to. Travelling opens new opportunities for you to meet new individuals with various cultures and customs with particular ways of life.

Travelling causes you to find new places and yet, it assists with finding yourself too. While travelling when you discover various individuals and different traditional practices around you, remember to be thankful to them, because they tie us together. Since June is around the corner, why not discover the best vacation destination in June. 


You all must be anticipating where to go in June? 

All of you might think now, out of the multiple nations and urban communities. Why should one visit India? Allow me to answer this inquiry of yours by asking you a question. The variety, love & harmony and history one finds in India. Will they discover it elsewhere? 

All things considered, ‘no’ is the appropriate response. India, a land of cultures, lavish picturesque landscapes, waterfalls that looks like a diamond chain, Mountains that look like pearls on earth, India offers heavenly places, mouth-watering food; here you can find list of  abundant places to visit in June in India.

There are a lot of reasons to visit India, be it the historic gems, the backwater, mountains, seashores, fields, wildlife visit or be its adventurous activities. India offers all of it to you. Be it a family getaway or a solo trip, with friends or a romantic getaway, India is the answer for all. India draws in a great many tourists consistently throughout the world. 

The month of June is the rush hour for the mid-year season and India being a different nation offers all sort of environments and climates to you and it also makes India the best places to travel in June. May you be a summer darling and wanna get tanned or you might be a lover of colder time of year and wanna get all comfortable and cosy, India is going to serve you the entirety of that.

To each one of the individuals who are wanting to explore India , here is a list of the best places to visit in India in June. 




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Chamba Valley is a completely flawless hill station with a few stories about both mystical and authentic, from the past. This spot likewise gives various temples to you to visit, which are committed to Lord Narayan. It is a paradise on earth for nature lovers. It offers some breathtaking scenarios, a complete picture-perfect place. 

Some of the side scenes here are Akhand Chandi Palace, Bhuri Singh Museum, Rang Mahal and Laxmi Narayan Temples.  



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The most elevated gondola of 4000 meters over the ground, is present here. The primary tourist activities here are skiing and snowboarding. Throughout the summertime, this spot turns into a cheerful spot for adventurers like trekking. On the off chance that you love shopping or gathering momentums, the market sectors here are for you. You get pashminas, authentic jewellery and food, which you can carry with you back home.



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Darjeeling “Queen of Hills” is situated in West Bengal. It is famous for its tea nursery and tea estate. Another tourist destination spot here is its toy train, which makes your journey truly supreme. The city additionally gives a great view of Kanchenjunga. This city is also known as The Land Of Thunderbolt.



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It is arranged in the western ghats of Kerala. It is notable for its healthy green forests and tea gardens. Frequently tourists come here to check out the extraordinary mountains, valleys and a wide range of greenery. Trekking and camping are the activities mostly done here. Aside from that assuming you wanna enclose yourself with the green woods around, remember to go through a night in the treehouses they offer.


Havelock Island:


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Havelock island is the most wonderful island to make a trip to in India, it is situated in the Andamans. This island is an ideal getaway on the off chance if you want to escape everyday exhausting life. The picture square seashores and charming spots are sufficient memories for you to take with you. 

If you ever wanted to investigate the world underneath the water, here is your opportunity. Havelock island permits its tourists to go scuba diving as it has a wide variety of water creatures.

Pamban Island:


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Wanna experience a white sand seashore yet don’t have the idea where to go? Well, Pamban Island got you covered. It is situated in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu. It is a white sand island where you can explore the Bay of Bengal and the Indian ocean at its full brilliance. In comparison to the different seashore, this island is less crowded. It is tranquil with turquoise water around. 

Netrani Island:


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Netrani Island is a secret jewel in India. It is situated in Karnataka. With rugged rocks, cliffs for offspring is an ideal spot to visit for marine lovers. You can explore butterflyfish and even whale sharks. It is additionally a less packed island, covered up in the space of Karnataka.

Lakshadweep Island:


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The fact that this island hasn’t been ruined yet by excessive human activities, is what makes it the ideal spot for a getaway. The island is encircled with purplish-blue water, which will leave you astonished. The unexploited fauna will give you a healthy and peaceful inclination here. While travelling to this island remember to pack your swimsuits and sunglasses to encounter the best of minutes. 

Munroe Island:


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This island belongs to Kerala. The most astonishing part of this island is; it is a group of 8 islands along with a stunning system of waterways. The interspersing of many water bodies is a treat to the tourist’s eye. You can even decide to remain in a houseboat for an evening and appreciate the beauty around.


Agatti Beach:


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This seashore lies on Lakshadweep island. The water here is turquoise blue in shading with delicate waves. You can try your hands on scuba diving, parasailing and surfing. It is the cleanest seashore in India. Even though you need to go through formality to come to this seashore, none of it will matter if you for once can look at its amazing beauty.

Heaven Beach:


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It was additionally named as ‘Plage Paradiso’ by the French which means Beach Paradise, it is 10 mins away from Pondicherry. This seashore is celebrated for its clear water and sand that radiates brilliantly golden during the summers. You can book a stay at a boathouse and later go to the seashore with the help of a ferry. The thick mangroves here are home to various sorts of birds.

Varkala Beach:


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It is located on the edges of Thiruvananthapuram, it is known as the Papanasam Beach by local people. The spring and the beach here are said to be remedial as well as medically supportive and glorify your spirit. Local people think washing up in this water will remove their Wrongdoings. Also, there are various ayurvedic spas to pull off your tiredness.

Kashid Beach:


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Apart from water activities you can discover mouth-watering food here. Travellers can likewise visit the Janjira Fort & Revdanda Beach Fort. To investigate various kinds of reptiles, birds, plants, in their common territories, one can take a visit at the Panshad Wildlife Sanctuary.

Malpe Beach:


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Malpe seashore is a secret spot in the heart of Karnataka, this spot is just significantly known among local people. The famous exercises here incorporate, stream skiing, parasailing and speed boat travel. Remember to look at St. Mary Island and get lost in the mixed up fragrance of coconuts there.




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It is broadly called the Scotland of India. Coorg way of life is enjoyed lavishly,  with history, experience and mouth-watering food. Individuals here are best at their hospitality. No matter on the off chance that you are a solo traveller, foodie, adventurer or simply need some relaxation time, Coorg is the most ideal option for anything.



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The monument ‘Taj Mahal’ here excites the entire world about affection and draws in them to come and visit it once. The city is loaded with Mughlai landmarks, planned in marble from top to bottom. You can likewise visit the Agra Fort here which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



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This city is best for any person who is spiritual minded or for any individual who is looking for harmony in their lives and mind and needs to get away from the confusion of the bustling urban communities. The city is located on the banks of the Ganga River and the lower regions of the Himalayas. Sit close to the ghat during the evening and discover harmony in the sound of temples and holy chants.



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It is one of the holiest places in India. You can experience a lot of holy rituals taking place here. The evening ‘Ganga Arti’ here has its significance and you surely don’t want to miss that. Away from the water, the city itself is its maze. 

Ajanta and Ellora cave:


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The caves here feature intricate carvings on their walls, which will make you feel as if you time travelled back in old age time. The Ajanta has the oldest Buddhist carvings monuments. The paintings and carvings here will leave you awestruck. 


Chettinad Palace:


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Rajasthan isn’t the solitary spot for history enthusiasts. In Tamil Nadu, the Chettinad palace is a landmark of skill, greatness, architecture and custom.



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It is a town in the East Khasi Hills, loaded up with a garden of caves. The place will cause you to feel as though you have been moved to some fairy world, as it has some lovely waterfalls, lakes. It’s an ideal hiding place, away from the city noise.

Ubbalamadugu Falls:


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It is arranged in Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh may not generally be recognized for its regular natural beauty yet of course it has some secret gem. It is a pleasant area for adventurers and climbers. This spot will make you feel as though you are on nature’s lap, surrounded by birds tweeting and the sound of water falling. 



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Every spot and each edge of Kerala has its excellence, come here and you will be left with no words. They got wonderful coast on the Malabar and a green valley on the western ghats. The tourists here will become familiar with what is natures beauty here. The memory of this spot will consistently stand strong in your travel bag.



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When individuals go to Kerala, the staple state we visit is Pondicherry or Kanyakumari, but wait, stand by, there is a secret gem here as well. Tharangambadi is a small town, set up by the Danish Colony. The visual delight here is Tharangambadi’s coastal place.



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Located in the undiscovered district of Budgam, is the wonderful Doodhpathri hill station in Kashmir. With rich green trees around and a herd of sheep in the background, get yourself some Instagram worthy pictures. Hold on, the mountains here will improve your photos more and make them ready to post. 

India, in every one of these things and more provides you with the best places to visit in June. India has a ton to bring to the table into the large space and you won’t ever have the opportunity to encounter every last bit of it in one trip. In this way, before exploring India, plan out what interests you, visit each spot in turn and have the greater part, while you are still present in the event.





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