Top 5 luxurious flights in world which will leave you in a cliff-hanger

When it comes to luxury, it has become the new basic necessity of all humans, and when it comes to flights, it does not lack behind in providing a unique experience with tremendous luxury and rich comfort. Although there are many airlines in the world where you can experience all the luxury from world-class cuisine to top-level bar lounges, it has everything you can ask for; these top 5 flights with immense royalty are on our list.

So are you ready to have one of a kind royal and luxurious flying experience? All you need is just a passport and a  bag full of cash.

1. Etihad Airways-

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Etihad Airways has been the Number 1 on several listings and has won virtually every travel award. They give luxury flights which are extraordinarily opulent. In Etihad, a passenger could get whatever they might wish to get on the plane. Etihad “The Residence” provides you a double bedroom suite and on top of it , you receive a private butler and chef, also. It is almost like staying at a luxurious resort some 35,000 feet (10,668 m) over the ground.

2. Singapore Airlines-

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Want to fly in a way to experience how it feels to step in an airline that pampers you by giving pajamas and bedroom slippers to get a cozy journey ? Attempt Singapore Airlines You’ll be given your personal cabin created by Jean-Jacques Coste, a famous designer from France, and that’s genuine leather onto your chair.  Could this be any more lavish?  For amusement, you get a private television display and Wi-Fi.  The soft and tasteful lighting of the cottages is a cure for guests. Besides their own enhanced fixed-back shell design chairs, Singapore Airlines provides a range of gourmet meals for travelers to feast on. 

3. Emirates-

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How about enjoying a health spa or a pub lounge whilst journey towards your destination while flying? Royalty is at the class of Emirates – it’s also among the priciest airlines within this listing. By Royal Doulton fine china to Robert Welch cutlery,  as well as Bulgari Ablutions ,they have everything. This Dubai-based airline also provides free alcoholic beverages. In general, you may receive all the required conveniences here and travel in the arms of luxury. You could have already begun saving cash with this one. It’s an adventure worth all of the cent which you spend.

4.Qatar Airways-

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Qatar Airways is one of those top-rated airlines of all times. It remains true to the Middle Eastern hospitality criteria. You’ll be welcomed with an all-amenity kit. Sounds imaginative? No? The kit includes all Giorgio Armani products. Qatar Airways’ couch can be bigger than 10 Olympic-size swimming pools. Presently, this provider functions over 140 destinations throughout the world.

5. All Nippon Airways-

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From Indoors, Japan’s All Nippon Airways Resembles a train Cottage. A train in the atmosphere, that is fancy! The ANA’s boxlike structure gives it both a designer charm and solitude. Moreover, you get your individual cupboard and global phone. Thus, connect with the world as you’re in the skies.

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