10 Must Visit Khau Galli in Delhi where you can eat Delicious Street Food

What is the first thing you do once you get back from a busy-tiring day? The answer might vary for sure. Depending on the current pandemic situation, some might say we wash our hands. Well, that’s pretty good. But my answer might make you laugh, but it’s true anyways. I open my refrigerator to either have a quick snack or search for something I can cook quickly to satiate my gastronomic delights. Cheers to the ones who do the same and for whom it’s food that makes all the difference. But what if you don’t have the energy to cook a meal? That is when the Khau Galli (meaning food street) comes into the picture for food lovers who are always ready to eat. Are you wondering about such Khau Gallis in Delhi? Then do check out the below list we have curated for you.

1) Chandni Chowk

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This Khau Galli in Delhi has so much for you that even if you spend your whole day here, you still might end up missing something or the other. So, let’s start with the basic paranthas sold at Paranthe Wali Galli that get served with pickle, potato curry, and pumpkin-tamarind sauce. These small shops offer you numerous yummy varieties of paranthas. For those who are loyal to chaat can go for dahi bhallas and aloo tikki. Moreover, you can also satiate your sweet tooth by trying some palatable desserts like jalebis, rabris, gajar halwa, falooda kulfis, kulhad lassi, etc. Although the crowd at the lanes might exhaust you, however, this Khau Galli in Delhi leaves you with a worthy experience when we talk about food.

2) Jama Masjid

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If you are a non-vegetarian, this Khau Galli in Delhi must be on your list. From fried & tandoori chicken to mutton kebabs to biryanis and curries, you will find it all at this legendary food destination, greatly influenced by the Mughal cuisines. The famous butter chicken (goes well with the soft Roomali Roti) at Aslam Chicken Corner, the perfectly cooked Nihari (slowly cooked beef, goes well with Khameeri Roti) at Bilal Hotel located at Matia Mahal Lane are a must-have. Once done with your hearty meal, you can make your day a fulfilling one by grabbing the desert named Shahi Tukda or the flavoured rabri with a scoop of mango ice cream at Cool Point. And, if the hot sunny day still annoys you, the drink named Pyaar Mohabbat Mazaa at Nawab Qureshi’s stall can put you at ease with its rich pink colour and chilly watermelon pieces. 

3) Lajpat Nagar

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Most of us are diet conscious, and no doubt one must be. But if you count the number of people who cannot resist the tempting food, the number is even more that means you are not alone. So, why be shy when you can try? The aroma of lip-smacking food like chole with big bhature, chole with fluffy kulche, stuffed bread pakora, bread roll & lassi combo, dal-samosa & lassi combo, pav bhaji, etc. sold at this Khau Galli in Delhi will dominate your cravings for sure. And, it is okay to spend some time relishing these Punjabi dishes, especially after a busy shopping day when you are too tired to walk your way back. 

4) Majnu Ka Tila

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Are you bored of having the same-styled street food repeatedly? Then get ready to droop again by visiting this Khau Galli in Delhi that offers Tibetan food delights. The whole vibe changes as soon as you enter this lane. Laphing rolls (mung bean noodle having a jelly-like slippery texture, usually eaten with red chilli & spring onion sauce or soy sauce), momos and dumplings at food stalls near Buddha Temple, easy to bite pancakes, and crunchy Apple Pie at AMA Café are a few must-try treats that this Khau Galli Delhi offer. Pro-tip: If you wish to visit AMA Café, try planning the same on weekdays if you don’t want to end up waiting in the queue.

5) Connaught Place

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The vendors here at this Khau Galli Delhi dispense some lip-smacking food items. The best ones include piping hot rajma rice, curry rice, chole bhature served with onions and papads at Atulyam Jain Chawal Wale; masala kulcha served with onion-tamarind chutney at Kulcha Junction located near Bangla Sahib Gurudwara, and hazelnut cold coffee at Depaul’s. You can also go to some other premium and well-renowned cafes and restaurants like Chai Story, Café Coffee Day, KFC, Haldiram’s, etc., that suit your pocket and food craving.

6) Chawri Bazar

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Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale is the best kulfi point of Khau Galli Delhi that can put your sugar craving at rest. The family has been running the shop since 1908 and today offers more than 30 different options for its customers. The kulfis here are prepared with utmost care and involve deseeding the fruit, filling it with rabri & kulfi. The kulfi then undergoes the freezing process and, when the customer orders the same, the fruit skin gets peeled, the fruit or kulfi gets sliced into small eatable pieces. You can feel the magic from the very first bite that gives you the pleasant taste of fruit along with the richness of kulfi. Although you can choose your favorite flavour yet the stuffed mango kulfi is a must-try. You also have options for other sweet eateries like Shyam Sweets, known for their Gajjar, Moong Dal, and Nagori Halwa. Hira Lal Chaat Corner & Ashok Chaat Corner are the preferred food stalls for trying Dilli ki Chaat tangy chaat and all-time favourite golgappas.

7)  Dilli Haat

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The best part of this Khau Galli Delhi is you can have varieties of treats that represent different state cuisines and indulge in the world of flavour. If you want to go for authentic Bengali food, go to the Bijoli Grill stall, where you can try the items like fish rolls, prawn cutlets, kosha mangsho, and rasogulla. Moreover, the Rajasthani food stall is a good option for soulful snacks and desserts, where you can try the stuffed onion kachori and syrupy desi ghee jalebi. You can even try other food stalls but do not forget to check out the Momo Mia stall for tasting the best momos served with a hot chilli sauce (goes well with a fruit beer).

8) Punjabi Bagh

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The Khau Galli Delhi Punjabi Bagh is bliss specifically for Delhizens residing nearby this area. You will come across all sorts of varieties at this Khau Galli Delhi, provided you are ready to roam a little to get the best out of every location. Some of the best street treats include pav bhaji, tikki chole, kulche chole, papri chaat, chowmein roll, malai chaap roll, tawa chaap gravy, etc. The most reasonable stall is Amritsari Naan stall that offers Aloo Naan Thali at just INR 40 (that consists of shahi paneer, chole, aloo gobhi, two naans made in Tandoor, onion & green chutney salad). 

9) Karol Bagh Market

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The market is primarily known for shopping and always has something to cater to your taste. What if someone tells you that you can have your favorite chole bhature with less oil? That’s so good to hear, correct? So, why not check out Om Corner that offers you one such delight. Also, this Khau Galli Delhi has various other specialties. The Art of Spices is known for its yummy rolls like Kathi roll, chicken roll, and paneer tikka roll. The best option for chaat lovers is Punjab Sweet Corner, where you get the fulfilling kachoris, aloo tikkis & dahi bhallas. You can also go for the super-refreshing kulfis with faloodas at the famous shop named Roshan Di Kulfi.

10) CR Park

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This Khau Galli Delhi gives you a feel of Kolkata, owing to its heavenly Bengali food. Some of the must-try delights include a wide variety of Kathi Rolls and Mughlai Parathas (you can choose depending on whether you are a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, the latter gets the benefit here as they have more options). You can also go for the tangy puchkas or golgappas, Ghugni (made of white peas and Indian spices, topped with onion, tomatoes, coriander, and sev), and other Bengali delights.

Soak yourself in the flavours of Khau Galli Delhi by visiting these places. 

Eat heartily!



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