10 Perfect House Plants that gives Positive Energy

Nature has a very influential power to heal the inner soul. Don’t you agree? If you don’t, try to catch a glance of any flower surrounding you. And, I know it might bring a smile on your face for sure, even if it’s momentary, that’s completely fine. But at least that uplifts your mood a bit. So, why not bring such plants at home to have a lasting effect of such positive vibes? Let’s get going.

1) Money Plant


 Photo by FirstCryParenting

As the name justifies, the plant attracts wealth, abundance and helps in vanishing financial obstacles, bringing in good fortune, positive energy, prosperity, and good luck. It also acts as an anti-radiator by purifying the air and removing harmful radiations from mobile phones, laptops, air conditioners, etc. Thus, it is advised that we keep money plants indoors (in our living rooms, halls, or on our office desks) in the southeast direction to keep marital problems, mental illness, or other health issues away.

2) Lucky Bamboo


Photo by masterclass

Many of us want plants in our homes but forget to take care of them regularly. We want that green décor, fresh air, soothing environment, and positive vibes but don’t have much time to invest in gardening and stuff. So, if you are one such person, then this lucky ornamental plant comes to your rescue as it requires low maintenance. It is known for bringing in good fortune & good health. It also deflects negative energy, keeping the surroundings soothing and peaceful. A little tip here is to avoid the plants with yellow or dark-green stems or four bamboo stalks as it is not considered fortunate and might have a negative impact.

3) Peace Lily

 Photo by Bellava G 

This plant proposes peace and tranquility to our busy lives full of stress and anxiety. It is not only good-looking but also needs less maintenance. It nurtures best in shades or without sunlight and thus, a perfect option for indoor décor. It also eliminates air pollutants and other harmful gases, minimizes mildew formation by absorbing excess moisture, and removes mold spores from our surroundings by purifying the air, leading to a healthy atmosphere.

4) Aloe Vera

Photo by Jessica Lewis

You might have heard about this name for sure because of its distinctive large leaves and healing properties. This plant diminishes the effect of harmful chemicals from the environment and improves the air quality. Thus, helping up staying fit and happy. People also use it as an alternative to mouthwash due to the richness of vitamin C that helps to reduce dental plaque or treat other dental issues like bleeding gums. The gel extracted from the leaves is also used in numerous beauty products to facilitate skin benefits. Besides, diabetic people can lower their blood sugar level by intaking two tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice a day. 

5) Basil

Photo by Oscar Helgstrand 

It is also popularly known by the name Tulsi (an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi), commonly worshipped by Hindus. Apart from the spiritual significance, it also has efficient healing properties and is thus used in several ayurvedic medicines. It also serves as an antioxidant that prevents us from several health issues. Moreover, people use these leaves for food flavoring purposes as it enhances the taste & aroma of the entire dish. A little tip here is the plant prefers sunlight and needs utmost care in the winter season.

6) Jasmine


Photo by thespruce

The enchanting beauty of these flowers radiates positive energy, and the natural fragrance is something that gives your stressed mind a rest improving your love relationships. Its intake in the form of tea is also considered incredibly good for health as it improves cognitive functioning, boosts digestion, manages diabetes, prevents weight gain, etc.

7) Orchids

Photo by virtuoart

If you are looking for flowering plants that can bloom even inside our home with minimal maintenance. Then, orchids are the best choice. These plants are known for their long-lasting flowers, and their pleasant scent serves as an instant mood-booster. In addition, their ability to release oxygen at night makes it a perfect plant that can be kept in our bedrooms, providing you a stress-free sound sleep.

8) Lavender

Photo by Olga Tutunaru

We usually use these plants as a gifting option due to their vibrant colors and soothing aroma. Some of us might have even used perfumes having such sweet fragrances. So, why not decorate our home with such attractive & aromatic flowers? Doing so might eliminate harmful toxins from the air surrounding us and bring peace, relaxation, positivity, & happiness to our lives.

9) Jade Plant

Photo by Paolo Cifuentes 

In this era of a fast-paced world, all of us keep struggling for success and prosperity. Due to this, it also oxygen levels that comfort our sleep. Due to this, it also came to be known as ‘Dollar Plant’ that brings in good fortune and facilitates a soothing atmosphere required for our well-being. Such plants also absorb carbon dioxide at night, enhancing oxygen levels that comfort our sleep.

10) Cactus

photo by housebeautiful

Are you astonished looking at the tenth name? I know you might have. But believe me, this too is a good option. I mean, why focus only on thorns? Why not look at the brighter side. These plants deflect EM (Electromagnetic) energy radiated by electronic devices, thereby increasing our productivity at work. It also inspires us to keep going and growing no matter how tough the times get. 

How many are you planning to keep in your lovely home? 




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