10 Different Types of Coffees that Every Coffee Lover Must Try!!

Coffee in India is an export-oriented commodity contributing to good profits & ultimately leading to the socio-economic development of our country. Some of us like to start our day with it to keep us fresh throughout the day, while some of us need it in break hours so that we can resume our work with the same enthusiasm. However, many of us drink it for its delectable taste. And, I am sure your favorite cup of coffee might have created curiosity amongst you to know more about it. So, in case you wonder, where is coffee grown in India? Then, let us tell you that traditionally the Western Ghats of Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu are the main tracts of coffee production in India. However, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, and other North-East states are also rapidly expanding and contributing to the coffee growth in India. 

Imagine you go to a café to have your coffee type, but you feel that maybe you made a wrong choice after having a sip. So, if you don’t want to face such situations again, you need to keep reading as we can help you make the right choice by discussing the coffee varieties in India. Let’s start with the two most prominent varieties of coffee largely grown in India, namely Arabica and Robusta.

1) Arabica Coffee

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Arabica coffee in India is known for its delicate flavour and refreshing aroma, making it one of the best-sellers among different types of coffee beans in India. These coffee beans are grown at higher altitudes in larger areas and require considerable maintenance while farming as they are susceptible to pests. The coffee you might be using in your homes is most likely to be extracted from Arabica beans. This variety of coffee is largely grown in India, and owing to the increasing demand, it has a high market value.

2) Robusta Coffee

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Robusta comes second in the list of different types of coffee beans in India. These types of coffee beans have a strong flavour and thus have high caffeine content. They are usually grown in hot & humid climates and are very tolerant to environmental changes. Moreover, they are also less costly than Arabica beans and taste great as iced coffee. 

3) Espresso

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The word Italian word espresso comes from the word express as the boiling water is forced or expressed to high pressure through the grounded coffee beans, giving it a thicker consistency and creamy foam on the top. This brewing method gives it a strong flavour with high amounts of caffeine in a single cup. Espresso also serves as a significant base for various other coffee types in India. Besides, it’s better to go for some other option, for those who like mild flavour & milky richness.

4) Americano

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The Americano is a blend of espresso and hot water that makes it a dilute variant of espresso. And, just like espresso, it also contains no milk. And, don’t you find this name familiar? Well! Let me tell you the reason behind it. It’s believed that since the Americans couldn’t take the intense taste of the espresso, that’s why this mild version of it with time became a good option for them to satiate their taste for coffee.

5) Cappuccino

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The cappuccino involves a blend of equal amounts of freshly brewed espresso, steamed milk, and foamed milk. Some cafes serve this hot cup of coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon powder, cocoa powder, chocolate flakes, or some creative designs made with creamy foam to give it a nice texture as an add-on. 

6) Latte

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Latte is probably the most favourable option for Indians. This type of coffee in India is usually preferred due to the rich presence of steamed milk, a small amount of espresso, and creamy foam on the top. That is just the type of coffee that suits our palette. It is also presented in a very appealing manner as the foam created at the top of the cup is given some fancy design like heart shape, smilies, patterns, etc., making it more than just a coffee. 

7) Café Mocha

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Are you a chocolate lover? Or, someone who likes an ample amount of cream on the top of your coffee? Then, this one’s for you. The Café Mocha is again a variant of espresso with a blend of chocolate, or cocoa powder, & steamed milk that perfectly neutralizes the taste. The whipped cream topped with chocolate syrup makes it an irresistible option, especially for those who have a never-ending love for chocolates. 

8) Frappe

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A perfect coffee drink that you can relish in the summer seasons. The ingredients include instant coffee, sugar, water, ice, blended all together to give it a foamy texture at the top. And, the yummy ice cream scoop on the top of a long glass filled with pleasure is like a cherry on the top. Although you have several varieties to choose from, like chocolate frappe, oreo frappe, vanilla frappe, hazelnut frappe, mango frappe, etc., however, the taste largely depends on the Indian coffee brand.

9) Macchiato

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If you find espresso too strong and cappuccino too weak for your taste buds, then this variant of coffee is for you. The Italian word macchiato means stained, spotted, or marked. This type of coffee in India is a shot of espresso with a splash of steamed milk which gives layers to your brew. 

10) Filter Coffee

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This type of coffee in India is particularly famous in South India, thereby is also known as South Indian Filter Coffee or Indian (Madras) Filter Coffee. The preparation includes a decoction of the coffee powder & water in a traditional metal coffee filter which then gets added to a mixture of hot milk and sugar. The coffee is then poured back and forth from one steel glass to another, which creates a nice foam on the top. The steel glass makes this brew all the way more succulent.



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