Do’s and Don’ts of Monsoon Season: A Complete Guide for Monsoon Safety

Do you remember making paper boats and leaving them in flowing water? Wasn’t it a fun activity? Monsoon is liked by everyone, from kids to adults; for kids, it’s a month of great activities, and for adults, its romantic or irritating season goes hand in hand. 

In monsoon, health care tips are necessary to take essential precautions from underlying diseases. Here in this blog, we are covering a list of Dos and Don’ts of Monsoon Season to avoid viral infections that are prone to Monsoon. 

Do’s of Monsoon Season

Boiled Water: Make sure that you drink boiled water because, during monsoon, water gets easily contaminated with bacteria and viruses, so to keep that virus and bacteria at bay, you must start drinking boiling water. 

Staying Hydrated is necessary: Yes, you read it correctly; one of the most critical health tips during monsoons is to keep yourself hydrated; naturally, we don’t feel thirsty, so we lower the intake of water, but it’s a BIG NO. Keep yourself hydrated by intaking at least 9-10 glasses of water. Due to humidity, there must be a loss of water in the body, so water intake is required. 

Steam your favorite veggies:  Yes, it is needed! Add this to your monsoon healthy tips checklist; make sure you steam your favorite veggies before you cook them because veggies tend to have lots of monsoon insects sitting on them, so to keep yourself away from such insect-prone infections or flu, steaming veggies is one of the best routines in Monsoon. 

Keep Immunity a Priority: Monsoon is prone to many diseases, so to avoid catching any viral or flu, ensure that your immunity plays a role. Add mint leaves, ginger, turmeric, garlic, etc., to keep your immunity strong. 

Don’ts of Monsoon 

Stop Your Craving: You heard it right; control your craving to eat your favorite street food because you never know what water they use to make it; add this to your monsoon healthcare tips to avoid getting caught by viruses or flu. 

Say No to Peeled Fruits: Do not eat peeled fruits outside on stalls during monsoon because it tends that monsoon bacterias roam around, and if they sit on the fruit, they will spoil the food and it may lead to some or other ailment. 

Fried Items a “Big No No”: To prevent viral infections, do not eat any of your favorite fried items, or anything fried in the open must be a big no during monsoons.

Some Other Important Do’s and Don’ts of Monsoon

  1. Always carry an umbrella during Monsoon, whether it rains or not, because you never know when it will rain.
  2. Avoid wearing leather shoes or shoes that retain water as it will promote fungus growth. 
  3. Don’t drive fast during the monsoon to avoid accidents. 
  4. Wear light clothes instead of heavy clothes; take time to dry up as it’s irritating to roam around in wet clothes.
  5. Always carry a set of medicines and a first aid box. 
  6. Also, if going on trekkings or trips, ensure you carry mosquito repellent to avoid flu or viral infections caught because of mosquito bites. 

Yes, so now you have a list of safety tips to perform during monsoon; keep this in the checklist to follow healthy tips for monsoon. Make sure you enjoy your monsoon too! Don’t forget to make the paper boats and tag us on our Instagram handle! 

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