All you need to know about Karwa Chauth: Why is it celebrated, history, significance and more 

Karwa Chauth is a festival specially celebrated in North India, where wives fast the entire day for the husbands and pray for their long and healthy life. The festival that holds an untold significance in every married woman is when she transforms herself again as a bride.  

But do we all know the reason behind the Karwa Chauth fast, or about the history of Karwa Chauth or what happens when a married woman fasts for her husband? No, we don’t. We only know the half information on it. But as an Indian, we all should know about the festivals we celebrate in our country.  

In this blog, we are going to know the information on Karwa Chauth history and why we celebrate Karwa Chauth and what to do in Karwa Chauth Pooja and most importantly when is Karwa Chauth? 


What is Karwa Chauth? 

Karwa Chauth is a festival of husband and wife which is celebrated in the Hindu month of Kartik where women fast for their husband’s long life. It falls after 8-10 days of Navratri and on the fourth day after Purnima and it is falling on 24th October this year. In this festival, women apply mehndi, wear red and get ready as a new bride. Women fasts the entire day and break the fast after having the glimpse of the moon.  


History of Karwa Chauth and why is Karwa Chauth celebrated? 

The history of Karwa Chauth is extremely vast. There is still a confusion that what helped in the origination of the festival. But there are 3 main stories that are widely known and followed by the women.  

Story of Veervati: the story is quite popular and is one of the most authentic as it is also mentioned in every book of Karwa Chauth Special Vrat Katha. The story shares that Queen Veervati was the beloved sister of seven brothers and a married woman. She decided to spend her first Karwa Chauth on her parent’s house. She started the fast after the sunrise but was completely drained by the end of the day. She was so thirsty and hungry that she couldn’t even speak. Her seven brothers were unhappy to see her sister in that situation and they asked her to drink water. But Queen Veervati refused to drink and eat before watching the moon. Then, her brothers decided to create a fake moon. They created an illusion behind the trees that appeared much like the full moon and they asked her sister again to drink the water as moon has now appeared. Veervati fell in the trap and as she sat down to have the first bite, she got the news that the king died.  


Story of Mahabharat: The story in Mahabharat reveals the origination of Karwa Chauth fast. It shares that Draupadi kept the fast for the long life of her husband’s when Arjun was sent to the Nilgiris for penance and the rest of the Pandavas were facing problems. This was the time when Draupadi asked Lord Krishna to help in that difficult situation. Lord Krishna reminded Draupadi about the fast that Goddess Parvati kept for the Lord Shiva. Draupadi got inspired and fasted for the day and soon everything seemed to come in control and Pandavas were able to overcome the situation.  


Story of Karwa: The story of Karwa shares that the woman names Karwa was a married woman and once her husband was taking bath in the river and was caught by the crocodile. To save her husband’s life Karwa tied the crocodile with the yarn and asked the Lord of Death, Yamraj to send the crocodile to the hell. The Yam refused to send the crocodile to the hell and Karwa threatened to destroy him with the curse. The Yama was then afraid and he sent the crocodile to the hell.  


What is the significance of Karwa Chauth: These were three main and popular Karwa Chauth stories. As mentioned in all the three stories, women kept fast to save their husbands from the difficult situation and this is why the festival of Karwa Chauth is celebrated. Still, married women from all over the country celebrates Karwa Chauth with the belief that their fast will keep their husbands healthy, happy and will be blessed with a long life.  


How to start Karwa Chauth Fast? 

Karwa Chauth is a difficult festival that needs patience and lot of determination. A married woman wakes up early before the sunrise to have Sargi. Sargi is a meal that is prepared by the mother-in-law that consists vermicelli, milk and dry fruits and fasts for the whole day. They also do Karwa Chauth Pooja in the evening. The fast breaks when woman see the moon and then to the husband through the strainer. And the husband makes the wife drink water and eat food. This is how   Karwa Chauth is celebrated.  

Karwa Chauth rituals for unmarried: There are some places in India where unmarried girls fasts too but instead of watching the moon, they see the star and breaks their fast. 


This is everything you should know about the festival of Karwa Chauth.   







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