A Beginners Guide for Abs Workout at Home

Is this pandemic making you feel bored? So, why not do something for your fitness, that too right at your homes without any risks. Are you thinking, is that even possible? Neither do we have any trainer present, nor do we have access to gyms and the required equipment. Then, let us tell you, yes, it is still possible. Just check out the below abdominal exercises for beginners that can help you stay fit even in lockdowns.

1) Standard Plank


Beginners guide for abs workout at homeImage Credits – bodyhacks

Abdominal exercises for beginners include this basic plank at the top. This beginner ab workout strengthens your coremuscles, improves metabolism, reduces back problems, provides better posture, and relieves stress. Other variations include Forearm Plank, Knee Plank, Side Plank, Single-Leg Plank, etc. that you can choose once you master the basic one.

How to do:

Kneel at the back of your mat with toes grounded into the floor and hips resting on heels. Walk your hands forward and attain an all-fours position (knees, feet, hands resting on the ground) with knees under hips and hands under shoulders. Lean forward and lift the knees to form a straight line by keeping your head, neck, and spine aligned properly. Make sure not to hyperextend your knees while lengthening the body. Fix your gaze at a spot on the floor and neutralize the position. Hold the position for 20 secs or more (as per your capacity).

2) Plank Knee-to-Elbow


Beginners guide for abs workout at homeImage Credits – womenshealthmag

Abs workout at home includes this Plank variation in the list as well. This abs exercise routine helps you strengthen the obliques (muscles present at the side of abdominals or six-pack muscles). 

How to do:

Start in a high plank position. While keeping your back flat, pull your right knee up to your right elbow, pause for a moment and then straighten the leg back. Repeat with the other side.

3) Basic Crunch


Beginners guide for abs workout at homeImage Credits – womenshealthmag

For beginners, abs exercise at home includes different types of crunches to develop the core muscles. The pushing & pulling of abdominal muscles not only improves digestion but also burns calories. Your abs exercise routine can also include other variations like Double Crunch, Reverse Crunch, Bicycle Crunch, Vertical Crunch, Oblique Crunch, etc., once you gain sufficient strength to raise the difficulty level.

How to do:

Lie flat on your back with your hands behind the head, knees bent, and feet on the floor placed hip-width apart. Pull yourself forward towards your knees such that your head and shoulders are off the ground. Pause for a moment and then slowly come to the initial position by lowering your back down to the floor. Repeat the same.

4) Standing Bicycle Crunches


Beginners guide for abs workout at home

This abs workout is an easy start for beginners. The best part is that there are no risks involved for any spinal injury or muscle straining since it is way too simple to practice. Besides, you also tone your thighs and burn calories while performing these abs workouts at home.

How to do:

Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart and your toes pointing forward. Place your fingertips behind the head, your elbows pointing out to the sides and parallel to the floor. Now, raise your right knee across the body (as high as you can), and twist your body to the right while bringing your left elbow down towards the lifted knee. The elbow and knee should gently touch. Hold for a moment and then return to the starting position. Repeat the same with the other side.

5) Russian Twist


abs workout at homeImage Credits – womenshealthmag

Do you like sports? Or does the well-maintained physique of an athlete astonish you? This abdominal exercise for beginners comes to your rescue. It strengthens abdominal muscles, enhances rotational power, improves balance, and elevates flexibility.

How to do:

Sit on the mat with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Now, lean back your upper body such that your spine makes a 45-degree angle with the floor, creating a V shape with your upper body and thighs. Now, interlace your fingers in front of your chest and raise your legs off the ground. Rotate your arms from one side to another while twisting your torso (body trunk). Repeat the same (as per your capacity).

6) Dead Bug


exercise for abs at home for beginnersImage Credits – womenshealthmag

We all want a body type that is fit enough to perform all sorts of exercises. So, if you are looking for the same, practising this abs workout at home helps you significantly. It improves core strength, provides spinal stability, strengthens back, arm, & leg muscles, and primes your body for intermediate-level workouts.

How to do:

Lie on a mat with your arms extended in front of the shoulders. Bend your knees such that they form a 90-degree angle with your body, stacking over the hips. Press your lower back and shoulders into the floor. Now, slowly extend and lengthen your left leg forward to hover just above the floor and bring your right arm overhead. Make sure to keep your lower back tight to avoid any curve. Slowly return to the initial position and repeat the same while switching sides.

7) Mountain Climbers


abdominal exercises for beginnersImage Credits – TheNewYorkTimes

If you are a beginner searching for an abs workout at home, this is another good option to start. This one exercise is like doing a total body workout that involves coordination between your upper body & the lower body, providing you with some incredible heart health benefits.

How to do:

Start with a high plank position, creating a straight line from head to toes. Distribute your body weight evenly between the hands & toes. Pull your right knee towards your chest as far as you can and tap your toes on the floor. Then, push the right knee back in the initial position. Repeat the same with the left knee and try to maintain the balance. Speed up the movements as if in a running motion.

8) Seated Straight-Leg Lift


abbs work outImage Credits – womenshealthmag

Beginner ab workout includes this basic leg lifting in the list as well. The initial purpose for the beginners is to firstly enhance the core strength so that they can further improvise and move to other moderate levels. So, believe us, this is another easy ab exercise for beginners. Although there are several ways to perform leg raises, why not start with the basic one?

How to do:

Sit on the mat and extend the legs out in front of you. While sitting tall with your back straight, hands resting sideways and toes pointing upwards, lift your right heel 3 to 5 inches off the floor. Pause for a moment and lower the leg. Now, repeat the same with the left leg and continue.

9) Single-Leg Stretch


beginner ab workoutImage Credits – Amazon

This abs workout at home strengthens the abdominal muscles and the entire torso by bringing in balance, endurance, coordination, and stability to your body. It is also a part of warm-up exercises for intermediate and advanced level abs workouts.

How to do:

Lie on the floor with your legs extended and arms resting along the sides. Now, bend your knees such that shins (front of the leg below the knee) are parallel to the ceiling. Raise your head and lift both shoulders off the floor by pulling your abs inwards. Extend your right leg while holding your left ankle with your left hand and the left knee with your right hand. Slowly switch the leg and change the hand positions, keeping the extended leg raised a few inches off the ground. Repeat the same (as per your capacity).

10) Toe Touches


abs workout at homeImage Credits – womenshealthmag

You might have heard this name for sure. You even might have noticed that kids can touch their toes effortlessly, whereas, for adults, it isn’t that easy. Are you wondering why? Then let us tell you, that is because their body is a lot more flexible than ours. Toe touches are other abdominal exercises for beginners struggling for better results at the initial stages.

How to do:

Lie on your back with your arms extended straight over the shoulders, legs raised upwards, and the toes pointed. Engage your core and lift your upper body off the floor to gently touch the feet or ankles with your hand fingers. Repeat the same (as per your capacity).

Time to release sweats and gain abs!




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