Sabyasachi from Bargarh took lockdown as a new opportunity

A 29-year-old orthopedically challenged Sabyasachi Patel from Puintala village of Bargarh crafted a new livelihood from the pandemic crisis. He is an orthopedically challenged youth who was left with crippled legs since his childhood. And his disability increased by the time he grew up. 

Although he has completed his degree in hospitality, his condition didn’t allow him to work in the sector. During the pandemic, he was challenged financially and started working on a poultry farm. But somewhere, he was interested in the creative sector. 

And in the lockdown, he started making the handicrafts from coconut shells. He saw various YouTube videos on carving coconut shells and began working in his passion and interest. His idea was confined to making handicrafts, but he started selling the products on the e-market, Amazon.






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