Must Visit Hidden Places in India That Should be in Your Travel List

It is often heard that many unseen places in India remain untouched by human civilization. It might be hard to search about the hidden places in India because most of the secret places in India are yet not known to many. 

But we have made things easier for you, to know more about the exotic locations in India, keep reading.



1) Goa

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We all love its beaches and famously known for its party life, but did you ever think Goa too will offer us one of the secret places in India? Next time when you visit Goa, do visit the Arvalem Caves. Here, it is away from the crowd, and you can also explore the culture of Goa along with other sites Goa has to offer. The Caves here possess the historical culture that will leave you stunned. One of the best facts is that these caves were the hideout places for the Pandavas during their exile.

2) Jharkhand 


One of the unseen places in Jharkhand is Maithon. Jharkhand indeed has some hidden places to offer you. Maithon has a beautiful white waterfall that you shouldn’t miss. This heavenly place will leave you amazed. This place will make you feel as if you are one with nature. Next time, while making vacation plans, take a chance and visit Maithon. 

3) Assam


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No wonder Assam itself is a fantastic place. Haflong is one such hidden place in Assam. Away from the city crowd, visit Haflong for a relaxing vacation. This place will make you feel like you are on the nature lap with fresh air blowing around. Get yourself a hot cup of chai and sit outside on your balcony and cherish this paradise place in India. 

4) Uttarakhand


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The trekkers have managed to find some mind-blowing places in Uttarakhand; one such place is Chopta. Chopta provides snow-covered trekking expeditions. If you want, you can trek to Tungnath or Chandrashila and make your trekking extraordinary. To experience more authenticity, try residing in one of the villages there.

5) Tamil Nadu 


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 Pondicherry, Kanyakumari, and Dhanushkodi are among the most visited places in Tamil Nadu, but apart from that, one of the hidden places there is Tharangambadi. It is a small town established by Danish Colony, it is a visual bliss to the eyes, and the locals’ behavior will amaze you. 

6) Maharashtra


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One of the hidden places in Maharashtra is Murud. Its fame came from the Janjira fort. One of the fantastic additions to this beautiful place is, it holds a saltwater tank on its premise. 

7) Kashmir 


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One of the unexplored places in Kashmir is the Gurez valley. It is a surreal place on earth. Gurez valley is nothing less than heaven; beautiful backdrops, the sound of rivers gushing, and birds chirping will leave you amazed. It is located right below the LOC (LINE OF CONTROL), making it one of the most protected places in India, and it is entirely safe to visit here. The ideal months to visit this place are from May to September.  

8) Meghalaya 


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Meghalaya offers you The Cleanest Village In Asia, the Mawlynnong. This title was given to the village by the international bodies but is still unknown by the country, making it one of the most secret places in India. This village is the epitome of cleanliness and harmony. It has well-maintained roads, polished and clean streets, cobbled sidewalks, spotless houses, and whatnot that gives it an impression of a high-maintenance city. Don’t forget to visit the living root bridge and the balancing rock. 

9) Darjeeling


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One of the untouched places by tourists in Darjeeling is the Sandakphu. The word Sandakphy means ‘height of the poison plants.” It is named so because of the poisonous wolfsbane plant grown on the peak here. One of the most dangerous offbeat places in India is Sandakphu. Are you planning to visit Sandakphu? Then try visiting the place from April to May or from October to December. 

10) Rajasthan


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Not known to many, Jawai is one of the unknown tourist places in India. One of the most incredible additions to this place is the Jawai Leopard Camp. This place makes sure to give an authentic feel to your visit, from luxurious tents to authentic Rajasthani cuisine. You can feel the authenticity of this place. You can also witness some of the migratory birds like flamingos, geese, cranes, etc. Early September and mid-May is the best time to visit this place. 

So, the next time you plan your vacation trip, don’t forget to check out these top 10 secrets of India.

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