Best destination wedding places in India

Weddings have always been a special day in everyone’s life. A day when we take vows on spending the rest of our lives with our partners and creating out the best memories. A day when we tie the knot and look forward to the better tomorrow. So why not make this momentous event reminiscent. 

Envisioning your wedding without even planning out for a destination place is similar to that of Diya without Baati. 

This blog will help you choose the best destination wedding places in India to raise out the waves of love and romance in you and make your wedding look more elegant. 

Let’s go through the top wedding destination in India that will grab a place in your list and heart. Check them out; 

1) Agra


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How about taking hands in hand and promising each other to stay together forever ahead of the monument of love, The Taj Mahal

Just like a dream, right? 

No worries!! You can assuredly think and plan your wedding analogously as Agra comes as 1st in our list of wedding destinations in India. 

A famous song starring Katrina kaif, “Ishq risk,” has been shot at the site that made us love the song and gave us destination wedding ideas. 

Apart from this, the city has various event venues where you can perform all the rituals and bloom the flower of your love. 

2) Rishikesh


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Are you amongst the ones desiring the spiritual vibes at your wedding? If yes, then this place from an Indian destination wedding is a must for you. 

Starting up your journey with the blessing of God and consent and benediction of the elders has always remained a part of our culture. Tying the knots in front of the Shiva-Parvati gives the ambience of an enduring relationship

As there is no Shiva without Parvati and no Krishna without Radha, take an oath on your special day that there would be no you without your partner and make your day an unforgettable memory. 

Besides temples, Rishikesh has many more places where you can make your wedding a grand event.  

3) Kerala


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If you fall under the category of the people who love to flow with the trend without hesitation in adopting the mix-match concepts, then here we got you. Kerala is the best place for a destination wedding in India for couples like you. 

Conducting the ceremonies in the boathouse at the backwaters of Alleppey and enjoying the feast in a traditional banana platter at the shore of the beach with a melody of waves capering behind is something you could see in movies. 

But, you can make this real by putting it on your list and planning out the wedding accordingly. 

Kerala gives you much more than this; you can even think of your wedding in any resort here and give a local cultural touch to your wedding. 

4) Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand 


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Do you want to plan your wedding similar to Bella and Edward from Twilight? If you, then you don’t need to go far for that. We have one in India. 

Jim Corbett, a place that can fulfil all your desire which rose in you while watching the movie. 

In gloomy weather with tones of grey and green on mountains all around you and hues of blue in the sky where wooden benches are kept on the rocky, sandy floor with the wine bottles on each table. The earthy smell of river fall flowing between the mountains is a type of wedding you deserve if you’re carrying only your loved ones to your wedding. 

No one could resist himself saying “I do” if you walk down the aisle carrying your elegance and aroma of love through this scenic location. 

5) Jaipur


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Everybody loves to be treated like a king and queen on their wedding day but how about organising your wedding in an Imperial way. 

Let me help you imagine; 

A grand hallway with lots of light and flowers decorated on the wall in the presence of a huge crowd would excite you. 

The Pink city will not just contribute its essence but fill your wedding with a splash of colours. 

If you are amongst the photogenic personality, you should add this place to your bucket list as this place will give you and your wedding a royal soul. 

6) Andaman and Nicobar Islands


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Are you looking for a secret destination wedding location in India? Your problem is solved. 

If you plan to get married and want to invite a limited number of people or just your parents without even telling your relatives, you could go for this option. 

Havelock Island is the best destination wedding place for you where you can end up your wedding ceremony at the shore of the beach surrounded by coral reefs, and you can even spot the mesmerizing sunset. 

You can even spend time with your family partner after the wedding and explore other places here as well. 

Isn’t it the best place for you? 

7) Shimla


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Few marks this place as the best place to visit for the honeymoon in India but trust me, it holds a reason to be in the best destination wedding in India.

The most exotic place on this Earth with cool and refreshing weather surrounded by lots of greenery and someday snow holds significance yet. 

Conducting out the ceremonies in a breezy atmosphere with the warmness of your love and care without showing it off could make it the best wedding in India.  

If you want to organize your simple destination wedding then, make sure you keep this place in your mind. 

8) Goa


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The most romantic place for the destination wedding is here. With a unique culture, you can get a feel of a Spanish wedding and completely transform your Indian wedding rituals. This place gives you a lot more memories than just a trip. 

Walking through the sand at an Indo-Portuguese church or any luxurious resort or hotel or any exotic beach would give you the same magic as you could get in abroad. 

Delicious seafood and local bands add up some more essence of the place to it. 

So, if you are one of them who doesn’t want to go far to set up your destination wedding, then you are welcome to Goa

These were few beautiful places where you can think of your destination wedding in India. Make your special day more interesting and memorable by choosing any one of  these places.


Let us know which destination are you planning your wedding! 





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