Lord Krishna’s painting by a Muslim woman got presented at Kerala Temple Deity.

A 28-year-old Muslim woman and a mother of two, Jasna Salim painted the portrait of Lord Krishna. She was allowed to present it before the deity at Sree Krishna Swamy Temple in Ulanadu, a village near Pandalam in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, India. The priests also greeted her previous paintings at the temple, but this painting of Lord Krishna as an infant made her dream come true.

She said she was called Kanna by her family when a kid, which meant child and the name of Krishna and was never interested in painting and drawing. But, a phase of her life where she met with an unpredictable accident gave bloom to her talent and became the reason for getting into the aura of art. During her recovery period, she saw a picture of Lord Krishna, which attracted her attention, and she decided to draw the painting.

She also said that few of her family members from her maternal were unhappy about the painting as it was against their religion, but she got support from her in-laws and her husband as they took it as her passion and art. More pictures were painted by her that received equal appreciation from the people and priests at the temple.



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