India introducing longest expressway by March 2022: Nitin Gadkari

On Friday, Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Road Transport and Highways, ended up reviewing India’s longest expressway connecting Delhi and Mumbai. Sharing the details, he concluded that the length of the expressway would be 1380 km that would reduce the travel time from 24 hours to 12-12.5 hours. Also, the road will come to use by March 2022.

Nitin Gadkari travelled to the cities connected by the expressway like Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat to evaluate the progress. For your perusal, the expressway is taking 98,000 crores to complete and will generate 1000-1500 crores monthly revenue. Though the toll collection is not yet decided, Nitin Gadkari, when asked about the toll tax, answered that people need to pay if they want good service. He quoted that, “if you want an air-conditioned hall to perform a marriage ceremony, you have to pay for it. Otherwise, you can arrange it in a field as well at no or less cost”.




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