6 Bizarre From India Which You Don’t Want To Eat

Following things may drive you sick to the stomach. Unless you are a fearless foodie, stop scrolling down!

Our spices are what make us smell and taste so good. Indian food is simply superb and is widely hailed by the gourmets across the globe. But there’s more to it for sure.

In case you are blessed with a non-discriminating tongue, here’s your oddball platter. Here are some foods that will make you puke the moment you see them on your table but they are savoured in many parts of India and are treated as true delicacies. Do you dare stomach these:

1) Red ants chutney

This red hot chutney called chaprah is a local dish of Batsar, Chhattisgarh. The Dhuruva tribe first dries the ants, then spices them up with salt, condiments and sweeteners. As ants contain formic acid, this dish consisting of ants and their eggs renders medicinal properties.


2) Frog’s legs

Originally a French delicacy, this has been a part of Indian platter for long. The Lepchas community in Sikkim vouches for its healing qualities. These battered and fried frog legs are not just yum but also cure several stomach ailments.


3) Pig’s brain

Doh Khleh from Meghalaya is a dish that has steamed pig brain as its main ingredient. It is relished by Khasis, Garos and Jaintia tribes of the state.


4) Silkworm’s pupa

Eri polu is mainly the pupa of eri silkworm that is prepared with khorisa (fermented bamboo shoot). The Assamese preparation looks colourful and releases a strong aroma. It melts the moment you put it in your mouth.


5) Dog meat

When a person from Nagaland says, ‘I love dog’, you know what he means, don’t you? Here, dog meat is costlier than any other meat. It is enjoyed in all forms—from fried and smoked to dried and curried.


6) Phan pyut

‘Extra old’ potatoes would be a fitting euphemism. But these are actually rotten tubers. This is a side dish in north-east India which can be gorged on just like that or with a good tempering with spices.


Well ! I am a Foodie but I don’t wanna try any of them



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