This Man Just Sued A Fairness Cream Company And Won 15 Lakhs!

After Maharashtra FDA pulled out fairness creams from shelves for using steroids, a district consumer forum in New Delhi has slammed Emami Fair and Handsome for not helping a certain Nikhil Jain become fair and handsome.

Bought on the advice of Shah Rukh Khan!



Nikhil had bought the cream on October 08, 2012, on the ‘advice of Shah Rukh Khan (Emami’s Brand Ambassador for ‘Fair and Handsome’ Cream) become fair in 3 weeks. He obviously didn’t, because fairness creams do NOT work. He claims this caused him ‘huge mental injury’, and Nikhil filed a complaint with the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (Central).

Then, they went to court


Jain and his brother Paras decided to challenge theis’Unfair Trade Practice’, and Paras represented the case before the Consumer Forum for 2.5 years. This week, the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (Central) Delhi imposed a the Punitive Damages penalty of Rs 15,00,000 on the Emami company.


No more fairness ads either

The company has been asked to withdraw ads that promise dramatic transformations in skin complexion.



Source: indiantimes



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