Smartwatches – What you should look at?

Today, smartphone has revolutionized the way we communicate and exchange the data. With ease and comfort more and more peoples are using smartphones. Most of the time this device is used to upload photos, social networking, emails and PDA (personal Digital Assistant)

In this race of providing required information and message, the latest gadget is computerized watch, smartwatch. With this device one can change the look of the watch at any time. You can change the face of the watch depending upon your mood and social environment. In today’s busy world the smart phones are becoming more and more instrument of distraction. FB, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are becoming more and more media for using viral messages. The user gets more and more unrequired messages and alerts. As smart watch has small screen one can focus on notifications rather than reading full message. Smartwatch can be used for Music Playing, navigation and for security purpose

Smatwatch uses gyroscope and pairs with smart phone and sends data to the phone. The device tracks one’s walk time, calories burned, heart beat rate, sleep time, water intake, workouts, etc.

Definitely smartwatch is the future, most importantly to the people who are health conscious and people who doesn’t like to get disturbed with viral messages. It provides Convenience, Affordability and Functionality

The various companies has launched their smartwatches which are becoming popular with tech savvy users:

  1. Samsung Gear S2
  2. Sony Smartwatch 3
  3. Huawei Wtch
  4. Casio WSD F10
  5. Titan Juxt Smartwatch
  6. Intex Irist





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