Top Music Universities in India

हो बना कला से, जो बि खरे कला में ।
वो शक्स ही क्या जो न नि खरे कला में। 

Music, a popular art of entertainment comprising melody, rhythm, harmony resides in India for a very long period. 

Whenever we talk about classical music, the name which instantaneously triggers our mind is Tansen

Currently, music has a wide range of availability in different formats and a huge crowd to involve and participate in several music courses in India. 

And so, few top music colleges in India are made to take this art to posterity. Here, we are going to list out top 10 Best music colleges in India and they are – 

1) Angel’s Music Academy 


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Angel’s Music academy is situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan and is one of the top music colleges in India. Also, this is Rajasthan’s first audio engineering school with well-qualified and practised mentors in their field of expertise. The courses they offer are- 

  • Music 
  • Corporate training 
  • Drums 
  • Guitar 
  • Keyboard 
  • Music production 
  • Piano 
  • Singing 
  • And degree courses in music performances or Bachelor of Music.

They too offer courses like International music and DJ’s for aspiring musicians.

2) Bhatkhande Music Institute 


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Bhatkhande Music is a deemed and best music university in India situated in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The institute is quite popular in the world of music. This is one of the finest music university in India. 

There are various departments for the music courses – 

  • Vocal – Classical, semi-classical, light vocals 
  • Instrumental – Sitar, sarod, violin, guitar, Sarangi, flute, harmonium, keyboard, tabla, pakhawaj.
  • Applied music 
  • Musicology and Research 

They have special courses for dance ( nritya ) like Kath, Bharatnatyam, Manipuri dance and Folk dance. 

The Notable Alumni from this institute are Kanika Kapoor, Anup Jalota, Talat Mahmood etc. 

3) Indian Idol Academy 


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Indian Idol Academy is a music learning setup that was launched during the Grand Finale of Indian Idol Season -1. A Kolkata-based company launched the academy and now is launched in various cities. 

The Academy lies under the list of the famous musical institute in India and offers courses like – 

  • Diploma 
  • Certificate courses 
  • Bachelor degrees or masters degrees
  • Vocals 
  • Instrumental 
  • Western 
  • Other Genres

4) Academy of Indian Classical Music (BANARAS GHARANA) 


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Academy of Indian Classical Music is located in Varanasi and is amongst the royal cultural school of music where

student learn under the Guru-Shishya relation and worship the art. 

Out of many Gharana styles, the academy teaches Banaras Gharana and is also known as Mrs Pramila Mishra Academy of Indian Classical Music ( Music Society ).

Due to its traditional aura, it is marked as the top music school in India. The Academy teaches Hindustani – Northern Classical Music with various instruments like – 

  • Sitar 
  • Surbahar 
  • Tabla 
  • Harmonium 
  • Flute 

And dance forms like- 

  • Kathak 
  • Naad yog

5) Shankar Mahadevan Academy 


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Living in the age of the internet and technological advancements, ace singer-composer Shankar Mahadevan is tutoring aspiring artists online.

With various programs available, this is the only school that gives the students the liberty to opt for teacher-led courses, self-study or academy centre courses. Inclusive of virtual classrooms, master classes with audio inputs from the students in real-time, the purpose of assessment and development has taken learning to a whole new level. Availability of the necessity has made it the best singing colleges in India. The various courses are –

  • Hindustani vocals 
  • Carnatic vocals 
  • Playback singing 
  • Music for children 
  • Voice gym 
  • Contest preparation 
  • Instrumental 

6) Madras Music Academy 


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The Music Academy, Madras is a landmark institution in the history of the fine arts. It emerged as an offshoot of the All India Congress Session held in Madras in December 1927.

The Academy involves itself to promote and safeguard the classical fine arts of Indian music. The Academy teaches Carnatic Music as an Indian Art form  With one of the oldest academic establishments, the school is the finest institutes in India.

It began in 1929 the practice of hosting annual conferences on music, which in turn spawned the December music festival of Madras, one of the largest cultural events of the world. 

The major events are – 

  • Conference, Concerts and Dance festival 
  • Endowment Programmes 
  • HCL concerts series 
  • Spirit of Youth Music and Dance festival 
  • Annual Competition 
  • Special events

7) House of Rock Music Institute 


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House Of Rock Music Institute stand at the position of being the best music institute in India and aims to be a one-stop destination for music students, bands, solo artists, music lovers, and enthusiasts. They provide private lessons and group lessons for various age groups and interests. Their staff are experienced, qualified and passionate about their role. They also offer online lessons. House Of Rock Music Institute conducts workshops, gigs, bands, solo and concerts. They also provide rental equipment service. 

Specialized in training and coaching, equipment rentals, Music club, Weekend workshops, Unplugged sessions, and much more. 

So people from all over the country are involved in the growth and the development of the students and people involved with House of Rock.

Their specialities are – 

  • Music recording 
  • Keyboard 
  • Tabla 
  • Vocal training 
  • Acoustic 
  • Bass and Electric Guitar 
  • Drums 
  • Saxophone lessons 

8) Ishmeet Singh Music Institute 


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The music institute was established by the government of Punjab in 2010 in memory of the Singer Ishmeet Singh at Ludhiana. This is the music institute that has its auditorium, recording studio, digital library, ryaaz cabins with editing panels. 

The name attached to the institute has made it the most famous music institute of India.

The faculty here are highly enthusiastic towards the music and students and teach various kinds of music forms. 

The major subjects here are – 

  • Vocals 
  • Instrumental 
  • PG diploma 
  • Bachelor Certificate courses on vocals 

9) Doremi School of Music 


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DOREMI SCHOOL OF MUSIC is located in the heart of Guwahati. The music school in India is affiliated with Surnandan Bharti Kolkata. All their teachers are qualified, experienced, skilled and dedicated to their respective role. They deal both in Theory and Practical Classes. They take care of every blooming bud and help them in every possible manner. They provide training for diploma/certificate courses. Doremi School of Music offers online classes. They regularly conduct stage performances such as workshops, live shows and events. 

They teach students of different ages and lead them to better knowledge. 

Vocals and Instrumental are the forms they are highly known for.

10) Saraswati Sangeet Mandir 


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Saraswati Sangeet Mandir is a vibrant and thriving music school in Dehradun. This music school in India has a safe, fun, friendly and secure atmosphere. Saraswati Sangeet Mandir provides high-quality music courses for all ages and levels from beginners to intermediate and advanced players. All their teachers are qualified, skilled, enthusiastic, experienced, polite,

well trained and professional musicians. Saraswati Sangeet Mandir provides opportunities to perform on the stages. 

The specialities are – 

  • Singing 
  • Western music 
  • Classical 
  • Hindi songs 
  • Jingles 
  • Vocal 
  • Indian 
  • Bhajan 
  • Harmonium 
  • Tabla 
  • Guitar 
  • Devotional music 

These were the few top music colleges from all over the country. If you have a passion for music and your talent, then this list will surely hit you to try out any of these famous institutes in India.





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