Bollywood Actresses Reaction on twitter after Sunny Leone’s Recent Interview


True, Sunny Leone is one such actress who neither hesitates in talking about her career as an adult movie star in the past nor she regrets it but there are some people who are desperate to make the actress remember her past and discuss about it openly in media!

One such attempt was made by a journalist who left no stone unturned to bother Sunny and his only intention all through the interview seemed to be the mere conversation about her past as an adult actress; however, during the long 20 minutes, she didn’t lose her cool and calmly answered all his weird questions with wit, politeness and sensibility that made people respect her more than ever, regardless of what profession she was in earlier!

No doubt, the actress won the Internet through this and social media openly supported her, be it her fans, celebrities or common people!

In this article, we present you what females celebs tweeted in connection with this interview of Sunny Leone:



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