Aamir Khan and Sunny Leone Found Exchanging LOVE On Twitter


We never did we expect this kinda love to happen between a perfectionist like Aamir Khan and bombshell like Sunny Leone! Yes! I logged in to Twitter this morning, hoping to see something interesting and then I happen to find this- Pure Gold! Okay, let me break it up for you..

Sunny came across Aamir’s latest promo for an online brand last night and she found it really adorable. She couldn’t hold back her love and decided to tweet the same to Aamir on Twitter. So she wrote, “Hey @aamir_khan saw you in the Snapdeal Ad. Motte or not, you still look hot! Love you.” The tweet only speaks volumes of how much Ms Leone adores Aamir. But given that Aamir is not a frequent on Twitter and only logs in to promote his films or let’s say Dangal for now, we didn’t really expect a reply from him. I don’t think even Sunny would have seen this coming. But Mr. Perfectionist proved all of us wrong. He replied with all his heart and wrote, “Thank you @SunnyLeone, you are too kind. Love. a.”

sunny aamir

This unexpected exchange of ‘love’ is enough to make our day. How about you guys? Well, maybe you too could check out the promo on which Sunny is crushing on and do come back to us for more updates!


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